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GMO  Foods
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GMO Foods

The Criminal Cabal's  Version of


The American People,
Particularly those of European Decent
Are Being Genetically Engineered Out of Existence.




Concept Summary  

GMO foods = Genocide without any dead bodies.

GMO = Genetically Modified Organism / Genetically Altered Foods

*   Population reduction
     is a major goal of the criminal Cabal.  

*   GMO foods alter the genetic make up
     of the humans who eat it.  

*   The genetic change are passed on
     to their/your/our children.  

*   The third generation,
     the grand children become
     infertile / unable to produce babies.

*   These time-release-style
     biological weapons (GMO foods)
    are presently being sold as food
     all over the nation,  -
     sold to people like you.  

*   Are you eating GMO foods?  
     If you say no, are you sure? 

*   We really have no way of knowing.

If you allow this to continue,
     your family will become extinct.!



Do you recall the line from the song, New York,  "If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere."   Well, the criminal Cabal version of that song is:  If we can defeat the American People, we can rule the world."   That's been the long-term plan of the Cabal at least as far back as the original, American Robber Barons of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.   Let's examine the evidence. 


Are you aware that, throughout history, governments have been responsible for more, violent deaths than any other cause?   The number of humans murdered by people acting under orders from their government's leader is in the hundreds of millions.   Because the murderers are usually attempting to wipe out a specific group of people, it's commonly called Genocide.


The Evolution of Genocide:  

Like everything else, the techniques of mass-murder have evolved since it's early beginning.   Here are some examples of some other  things that have dramatically changed/evolved:  

Human flight - the Wright Brother airplane, 
Transportation - the Model A ford, 
Communication - Telegraph and Morse Code.  

These meager beginnings have evolved beyond anything their originators could have imagined.   So it is with the art of mass murder/ genocide.    If you believe the Christian Bible, God, himself, was the originator of mass murder.  

Humans took up the cause with fire, then with bombs.  The American government became the leader in the art of mass murder with biological warfare against the original owners of America.   Blankets contaminated with smallpox virus were passed out to unsuspecting Native Americans with the clear intent of exterminating them.   (Smallpox virus can survive for years in the clothing and bedding used by the people it kills.)

In WWI, they added chemical killers like mustard gas to the art of mass murder.   By the time Hitler and his henchmen upped the anti by using gas chambers, human communication had evolved to the degree, that mass murder could no longer be hidden from the people.   

A new technique needed to be invented.   They gave us AIDS and the threat of intentionally engineered pandemics, but they still hadn't solve the two major problem, 1) how  to deal with all the dead bodies and 2) how to avoid the public rebelling against their tactics.  

Researchers were constantly searching for a better technique for killing.  Then, someone came up with a fresh approach.  It was a simple idea commonly used against biological pests like insects.  Instead of directly attacking and killing existing insects, they found a way to interrupt their life cycle and prevent the insects for reproducing themselves.   

The Birth of GMO Solution:   They immediately started looking for way to apply that technique to the human population.   The bio-engineering researchers at Monsanto came up with  the perfect answer.   GMO  Genetically Modified Organisms was their version of Hitler's "final solution."    No dead bodies to deal with.   NO public outcries.   By the time their target population woke up to realize that they were under attack, it would be too late to reverse the damage done.   

Here's How the GMO Solution Works:   When their genetically altered  foods are fed to humans, it genetically alters the humans.   The genetic  alterations are passed on to the children who pass it on to their children.  

It takes three generations for the damage to show up.   Fertility is dramatically reduced.   The target population does not reproduce itself, and that population simply dies out.   The Cabal criminals just have to be sure that they, themselves, don't eat any of their own GMO foods.  

GMO foods  =  Genocide (without any dead bodies.)

Beginning in the early 1990s, Monsanto began peddling GMO foods under the illusion as if they had created better quality foods, such as crops that are insect-resistant and foods that stay fresh longer.   They got their puppet organization,  federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (which the Cabal control) to declare GMO food to be safe, but they couldn't hide their true intentions for very long.  

The Opposition Arises:   People began demanding that GMO foods be labeled so that customers could, if they choose, avoid eating it.   As part of the November, 2012 voting process, a group of people in California created Proposition 37, which would require all GMO foods sold in California to be so labeled.  

About a week before the November election, proposition 37 was leading by 64 percent approval.   Monsanto and other major food-related corporations launched a last-minute, 45-million-dollar, smear-campaign, ads blitz on radio and television against food labeling.   The ballot initiative was defeated.  

Monsanto is among the leadership of the criminal Cabal.   The Cabal criminals control our federal government.   Connect the dots . . . 

Stop.   Take a deep breath, and go back and re-read the last paragraph, above.   Now, connect the dots!   Say the sentence in reverse and connect the dots from the opposite direction.  

As it stands now, January, 2013, you and I have no way of knowing whether or not we are being poisoned by Monsanto's GMO in our foods.  

And one other thing you might find of interest,   Multi-billionaire, Bill Gates by way of his foundation, owns half a million (500,000)  shares of Monsanto Corporation stock.   The stock was purchased well after it was known that GMO foods were a form of Genocide.   Perhaps, the next time he is giving a public interview, someone should ask him if he eats GMO Food. 

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News article from: /  

Monday  June 2, 2014

Russian Activists to Conduct Independent Studies
Proving GMOs Could be Genetic Weapon

A draft bill is on the table in Russia that would criminalize GMO production and distribution. Now, anti-GMO activists there are looking to create a team of ‘long-overdue’ independent and international researchers that can finally prove unequivocally that GMOs are poison tools created by Monsanto and the corporate, biotech machine.

When you are going to equivocate GMO production with terrorism, a label it truly deserves since it kills people through reproductive organ failure and the drastic reorganization of gut flora, immunity, and even DNA – essentially as a bio-weapon – then you might want to have some hard, solid evidence that can counteract the propaganda which has been circulated by Monsanto’s shills.

According to Elena Sharoykina, director of the Genetic Safety Public Association (GSPA), a 10-year-old NGO in Moscow, it isn’t the first time the term ‘terrorism’ was used to describe what GMOs have done to our people and ecosystems, including all the pollinators, which allow us an ample food supply.

Sharoykina pointed out in an interview with Russia Today that a NATO Committee on the Challenges to Modern Society which met in the Belgian city, Liege, in 2004 said that GMO could be used as a genetic weapon.  

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Summary and Conclusions:   Over the centuries, many governments have been controlled by psychopaths.   Throughout history, those who control governments have been the major source of mass murder, and the leading cause of unnatural deaths.   The number of deaths caused by government-violence is estimated to be at about 260 million (260,000,000).  

Government violence does not solve problems.   Violence by individuals does NOT solve problems, either.   Problems are solved by free and well informed people seeking the best solution for all involved.   

For a historical perspective on this, readers are invited to watch the video titled:  New World Order: Blueprint of Madmen.   

As bad as this is, you might think that having psychopathic, Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts controlling our government leaders is the cause of our problems.   Unfortunately, that's not the case.   An even deeper theory has come to light and the evidence is overwhelming supporting it.   Readers are directed to these TLC-Life-Center web pages:   The Nature of Reality and to  The Lizzerdz Team Theory






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