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   The Destructive Energy Release Process



C S 18-06-22


The Destructive Energy Release Process-1
How to Access your Divine Nature   



The basic principles of human nature and the Release Process described below are based upon Lester Levenson's Teachings, on The Sedona Method, on Larry Crane's Release Technique, on the Theta Healing / Theta Transformation Principles, and on TLC-Life-Centers' 40 years of experience in the study of self-awareness, cosmology, and human nature.

(For references, see the end of this document.)

What Is The Destructive Energy Release Process?

It's a very simple process in which a person feels and visualizes negative energy leaving his/her body. It's used to let go of false beliefs, destructive habits, and negative emotions such as fear, anxiety and the like.
It's not about changing who you are. It's about letting go of who you believe you are. Here it is in one sentence:

Bring it up, look at it, feel it, be with it, let it go.

It's a simple transformation process
The financial cost is FREE!
Anybody can use it.
And it works. but it only works if you apply it to your life.

This page will set the stage, describe the context, and show you how to use it.

We suggest two things:
1) approach this process from your heart and not your head, and
2) Approach this process with the Beginner's Mind – with our pre-judgments.

What Happens When We Let Go?

Every time we release a destructive thought or a negative emotion, we get closer to who and what we really are, an eternal divine being.

If we continue the process, eventually we will access the “I Am.” The “I Am that I Am.”

We will access the pure consciousness of joy that can experience anything it chooses simply by choosing.

We will access the space of beauty, joy, peace,harmony, contentment, adventure, wonder, and amazement.

We will access infinity consciousness.

BUT remember, this is not a silver bullet or a magic potion. It takes time, effort, and you must continue releasing. If you do, you'll soon begin to see and feel the changes.

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Release Process-1




C S 18-06-22


How to Access your Divine Nature   



Basic Info.
Everything is energy.
Everything is a vibrational expression of energy.
Energy vibrates. Everything vibrates.

Thoughts are energy.
Every thought has a vibrational frequency.
Every thought spoken (expressed in words) has vibrational energy.

A spoken word is more powerful than a thought only.

A thought that generates a strong emotion is more powerful than a thought without a strong emotion.

Thoughts (and the spoken words) attract that which is like itself.

Our lives are created by thoughts, empowered by emotions and directed by beliefs -- mostly by false beliefs.

The Opposite of an Idea:

According to the Universal Law, of Creation, we cannot attract the opposite of an idea. Don't, not , and no are words to avoid. For example, the statement, “Don't drink and drive.” is actually saying.”Drink and Drive.”

Here's a symbolic example of what happens when you attempt to create the opposite of an idea. Go to your computer search engine and type in, “no sex.” What shows up? 1,900,000,000 links to sex. Type in “no ice cream.” What show up? 467,000,000 links to ice cream.

What happens when we tell our children not to do something? We imprint the unwanted behavior in their minds It's far better to tell them what we do want them to do.

When you say you don't want something, you are focusing your attention on the opposite of what you want. Instead, focus on what you want.

Finding Out About What You Want:

To get clear on what you want, notice what you think and say you don't want. Make a list, then notice the opposite. What is the opposite of what you don't want? That's what you want. Notice the clear the contrast.

(We'll deal with the concept of wanting in a moment.)

Time & Stuff

Everything in physical reality requires time.

Manifestation is a process.

Once you have created your vision, allow time for it to manifest.

For example, when I chose a Dodge Grand Caravan as my new vehicle, I used the release process to remove wanting the vehicle form my thinking and imagined it in the physical process of moving from where was when I created it in my reality to it being to in my driveway.

I just knew that my end of the creation process is complete. I didn't immediately get up and run out the driveway to see if the car was there. I allowed time for Source/Creation to do its part.

If something isn't working for you, examine you thought process on the topic. Are your thoughts promoting having or are they promoting wanting (not having)?

What Am I?

I Am. I Am that I Am.

I am not my ego,my beliefs, my mind, my emotions, or my body. When you see and feel yourself without beliefs, mind, emotions, or body, the only thing left is “I Am! I Am that I Am!”

We look outside of ourselves for happiness and fulfillment. We turn to drugs, to alcohol, to food, to sex, to shopping, to high drama. We struggle for more power and more money. We work harder.

And yet, happiness and fulfillment elude us. Why? Because happiness is an inside job, and so is fulfillment.

One day we wake up and realize that everything outside of us is a creation of and a reflection of what is inside of us.

Oneness Is. I Am is.

Duality is an illusion.

Everything is part of a singly unified whole.

Being separate from the oneness is an illusion.

Our true nature is a natural unlimited / infinite being

Our true nature is infinite joy.

Where Am I:

Almost all humans are overloaded with limitations. For example, if you took Michael Angelo's statue of David and buried it under 17 tons of garbage, David would still be there. You wouldn't know it. You couldn't see it. You couldn't experience it's beauty.

You and I are like David, buried under thousands of false beliefs and negative emotions. We spend lifetimes searching in the garbage looking for ourselves.

Stop the Search. You are the find. The only thing between you and yourself is your false beliefs. As Lester Levenson put it: “We are eternal beings struggling to survive.”

What happens when we stop the struggle? What happens when we simply let go of the garbage in our minds?

We Survive! We can't do otherwise!

AND we find I Am that I Am.

The search is over.

The struggle is over.


In physical world, everything comes in pairs. Here are some examples: up/down, left/right, hot/cold, like/ don't like. Everything we think of as single unit is only one half of a duality.

Even our thinking process is a duality. Many of us are conflicted about numerous things. We are both sides or the duality at the same time.

For example, we like this about ourselves and we don't like that. We want to do things and we are afraid to do them. I want my soul mate, but I'm afraid he/she will leave and I can't stand being hurt like that again.

Money: Have you heard these conflicting statements of belief about money?

*** I can't have money and be close to God at the same time.

*** I want money but at the same time I know that having money makes a person a bad person.

*** If I have money something bad will happen.

*** And several dozen more false beliefs.

What are your conflicting beliefs, not just about money, but about everything in your life?

In our society money equals freedom. If you don't have lots of money, where does that leave you?

Unity Versus Duality:

When one takes an action for the purpose of reaching a goal or a destination, that action is done in duality-consciousness. It's done in the absence of the intended outcome or the intended destination.

As an alternative, simply declare whatever you choose. See it in your mind as already real. Witness your creation (visualize it as real). Let go and allow time for the manifestation process to produce the physical version of your creation.

Do whatever you do for the joy of doing it. Not as a step to somewhere else. Even if it appears to be a job, or a task, turn it into an experience that is done for the joy of doing it. Look for something new or unique in it. Look for the hidden benefit. When you go somewhere, enjoy the journey

Everything that occurs in our lives is the right thing for us at that moment. It moves us in the direction that is in our long-term highest and best interest.

Remember that we are not our bodies. We are eternal beings. Our experiences today are only an incredibly tiny piece of our long-term intentions. Go with the flow. Release your limitations and rise out of the garbage pit.

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C S 18-06-22

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How to Access your Divine Nature   




The Garbage Pit

The concept Called Wanting (Desiring):

If you want something, you don't have it.

Wanting is separation consciousness. Wanting is not having. It's separation from (the absence of) the thing wanted. The focus on wanting creates more wanting and more not having.

Let go of wanting things and situations to be different from the way they are. When we let go of wanting, we open the door to who we really are, an eternal, divine being capable of experiencing anything we choose.

The intention is to experience our pure, Divine Selves, The I Am that I Am by letting go of the unwanted energy, by letting go of negative thoughts, beliefs, emotions, etc.

The bottom line emotion /energy is fear.

Fear has many faces -- Insecurity – I'm not safe – I'm in danger.

All negative emotions are fear based - anger, hate, resentment, jealousy, resistance, etc.

Negative self-image:

I cannot have. I should not have. I'm not worthy.

False beliefs:

I'm a victim of ____

Negative Emotions:

fear, anger ,hate, resentment, regrets, guilt,


Guilt is one of the worlds most destructive emotions. Guilt attracts punishment. It's a self-destructive, emotional cancer. If you feel guilty, you are the judge, jury, executioner, and prisoner all at the same time.

The next time you start to feel guilty about something I your past, ask yourself this question:
Given what I knew and believed at that time,
Given the conditions and circumstances I was in,
could I have done otherwise?
The answer is NO!

Organized Religion (as distinct from the teaching of Jesus
and as distinct from spirituality)

Do you really believe all the false fairytales that got pumped int you head when you were a small child? --- Original sin -- God lives in the sky -- He murdered his son as an act of love Do as we tell you or you'll burn in hell forever.

Destructive Habit Patterns:

Overeating, smoking, drinking alcohol, mis-using mind-altering substances.

Beliefs and Expectations Versus Doubts, Fears, and Disbelief:

If you attempt to create your desires while holding doubts and disbelief, what do you think the results will be? Thoughts like “It's too expensive. I'm not worthy. et cetera” cancel (push away) your positive thoughts.

Humans deal with fear in two basic ways.

On planet Earth, our primary behavior is based upon survival, upon fear, upon wanting to feel safe and secure.   Fear drives us in two directions:  

1)  We attempt to be in control.   If we're in control, we can keep ourselves safe.

2) Since we are not in control and cannot be in control, we seek approval from others so that they will provide what we are afraid of not having.  

When that doesn't work, we turn on our victim consciousness and blame something "out there somewhere" for our problems.   Many of us just give up and resign ourselves to beliefs like:  "It's impossible."  "It's inevitable."   "It can't be any other way."     

What We Can Experience:

When we release our garbage thinking, what will replace it?Peace Contentment Acceptance Joy Safety

What personal attributes would you like to carry?

I am kind, gently, compassionate, loving, caring, generous, patient, clear-minded, et cetera.

Self approval, not from the ego perspective with pride about how special I am, but from the perspective of filling my own cup so that I may better at assisting those are on the path that I've already walked.

The Empty Cup Is actually Full: When the release is complete or nearing completion:

Wanting will be gone and yet anything and everything will be available. The struggle for control will be gone, as will the need for approval and the searching for answers.

I Am the I Am is Everything that Is and Everything that Isn't.

Lack, struggle, and all the fear based emotions will take their place in The History Book of Transformations.

As Lester Levenson stated it: “You will live In the state of imperturbability -- cool, calm, unruffled, self assured.

How Do We Do Experience Infinite Joy?

When Michael Angelo was asked how he created his incredibly beautiful statue of David from a huge piece of stone, he replied, "I just removed everything that wasn't David."

For each of us, our job here on Earth is to  remove everything that is not "I Am that I Am." (We'll explain how in the section below.)

Release ourselves from our prisons of beliefs, and negative emotions. We can simply let them go. We are not all those things we want to fix and change.

To get to joy, our job is to let go of wanting, resisting, judging, negative emotions, memoirs of traumas and other painful experiences, etc.


Wanting is separation consciousness. Wanting is not having. As long as you keep wanting, the universe will give you more wanting.

Let go of wanting things and situations to be different than the way they are.

Let go of already having the answers.

Let go of:

Wanting to know why,

Wanting to change,

Wanting to fix ___,

Wanting things to be different

Wanting physical stuff,

Wanting to know ___,

Wanting to figure something out,

Wanting to make sense of ___,

Wanting to know what ___ is all about.


Let go of hanging onto what we are presently experiencing.

Stop clutching, resisting, and refusing to change.


Realize that nothing is good and nothing is bad.

Everything just is.

Self judgments are a very common problem.


Step up and do.

If you're afraid, do it any way

If you think you are not ready, remember, “The doing makes your ready.”

Do what feels right in the moment.


Emotions are energy in motion.

Emotions are energy within you.

When a negative emotion comes up just be with it.

An emotion is simply energy moving through you.

Allow it to be.

Avoid resisting the emotion.

Avoid running from it.

Avoid ignoring it.

When a negative emotion comes up, follow the three simple steps below to release it.

Think of a negative emotion and all other unwanted internal feeling as only energy passing through you.

Where Did We Get All mental garbage?

It's a carry over other physical lives, from our genetic inheritance, and from what we learned in this life, particularly what we learned as a very young child.  

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How to Access your Divine Nature   




This process is used to let go of negative emotions in the moment,such as:





I'm not good enough

I'm not enough








Hurt feelings


Find specific instances where these and other negative emotions apply, such as:


Break up

A family problem

A work-related problem

Death of a loved one

Health issues

Relationship problems,

Financial concerns

Negative body images

I Made a mistake

Painful past experiences

Find beliefs and behavior patterns that you would like to get rid of., such as excesses of any kind


Eating when the body says 'Stop Eating.”

Drinking alcohol

Refusing to exercise

Release the need to release

Find your compulsive behavior. Notice your self-judgments. What don't you like about yourself?

I am ____.(something you don't want to be)

I can't ____ .

I have ____ .( an illness, a problem)

I have to ____ .

I'm afraid of ___ .

Sit quietly where you'll not be disturbed. The process works best with your eyes closed.

Bring into your consciousness (become aware of) something that creates an internal discomfort, something that is bothering you, something that triggers a negative emotion.

We'll call this “The Topic.”

It may be a memory of an event. It may be a negative emotion.

It's always something from your past, even if the past is only a moment ago. Think of your feeling as a product of a past experience. Whatever it is, think of it as a problem that you used to have. Realize that the problem is only a thought, a memory, an unwelcome energy.

The release process is incredibly simple, so simple that many people are skeptical regarding effectiveness until they personally experience it. Here it is in one sentence:

Bring it up, look at it, feel it, be with it, let it go.

<><><> Here's the Release Process <><><>

Welcome the topic. Welcome the feeling

Just let it be there inside of you.

Experience the feeling. Notice how you feel.

Allow yourself to be completely OK with the feeling.

Ask yourself, “Could I (am I able to) let this feeling go?”
Answer: “Yes.”

Ask yourself, “Am I willing to let this feeling leave me?”
Answer. “Yes.”

Ask yourself, “When shall I let it go?
Answer: “Now.”

Imagine the feeling draining out of you. See it leaving. Feel it leaving.

Let it go some more.

Let it go some more. and some more . . .

Imagine the uncomfortable feeling draining out of you. See it leaving. Feel it leaving.

I visualize a hose from Source/Creator spraying white light into the memory and washing it down a sewer pipe, out of me and back to Source.

Check inside yourself. Notice how you feel regarding the topic. Most likely you'll feel lighter – less bothered.

Repeat the above sequence. If the negative feeling is still there, repeat it again. Repeat it until you no longer care about it – until the negative feelings are gone.

You will still remember the topic, but the emotional attachment will be gone. It's then viewed from a neutral perspective. There is no emotional reaction to the thought.

Nothing Succeeds like Success:

Avoid expecting instantaneous, magical success. We spent years filling our minds with garbage-thinking. It may take a while to empty it.

Celebrate every small success. Every small success, enhances self-confidence and makes room for more and bigger successes.

Be patient! Be persistent! Enjoy the journey.



1) Sedona Method Video

The Sedona Method-Learn To Let Go Of Negative Emotions"

2) 68 Second of Pure thought

First described by Abraham (via Jerry and Ester Hicks)

3 Lester Levenson's Secret to Happiness, Joy, Love and Success

4) Top Researchers Study The Release Technique's Effectiveness


Fs1) -- The Free State - Lester Levenson - Part 1.mp4

FS2 -- The Free State - Lester Levenson - Part 2.mp4

FS3 -- The Free State - Lester Levenson - Part 3.mp4

FS4 -- The Free State - Lester Levenson - Part 4.mp4


Lester Levenson - Get Off The Rollercoaster - Part 4.mp4

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C S 18-06-22

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How to Access your Divine Nature   



Courageous 3
Where's the line between courage and recklessness,
 and acting just plain stupid?
Centered / Crounded
I can

<><><> End of Courage 3 <><><>

Acceptance 2














Everything's okay









I have

In tune






Nothing to change












<><><> End of Acceptance 2

Peace 1


All possibilities











I am















<><><> End of Peace 1 <><><<>


These emotional states, and the individual thoughts and feelings that make them up, are simply labels that in the beginning are very helpful in understanding what we experience throughout our lives.

Courageousness – 3rd Emotional State

In courageousness, we have the willingness to move without hesitation.  We can do.  We can correct.  We can change whatever, wherever needed.  We have the willingness to let go and to move on.  The body has a lot more energy that in pride, and it is available for constructive outward actions.  Our energy is high and available, and clear.  The mind is much less cluttered than in pride and a lot less noisy.  It is flexible, resilient, and open.  Our mental pictures and thoughts are about what we can do and learn, and how we can support others in the same.  We are self-motivated and self-reliant while still being willing for other to succeed.  We can laugh out loud, even at our own mistakes.  Life is fun.

Acceptance – 2nd Emotional State

In acceptance, we have and enjoy everything as it is.  We have no need to change anything.  It just is, and it's OK.  It's beautiful just as it is.  The body has a lot more energy than in courageousness, yet it is mostly at rest, available if we need it.  Our energy is light, warm and open.  The mind is much less cluttered than in courageousness and is mostly quiet and content.  Our mental pictures and thoughts are in love with the exquisiteness of what is.  Life is joyous.

Peace – 1st Emotional State

In peace, we feel "I am.  I am whole, complete and total unto myself. 

Everyone and everything is part of myself. 

It is all perfect." 

The body has a lot more energy than in acceptance, but is totally at rest - still. 

The energy is quiet and calm. 

The mind is clear and empty, yet totally aware. 

There is no need for pictures or thoughts.  Life is as it is, and all is well.

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