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There are numerous things you can do. 
The ones we have thought of
are listed below on this page.   

Many of our suggestions are about
what you can do inside of yourself and for yourself.  

So that you can become part of the solution
instead of being part of the problem.  

Because you need to be healthy and abundant
so you can assist those who are still stuck
in the old and obsolete third dimension world.   




 What Can I do?


Would you like to
become part of the solution.  
Then following at least some of
the suggestions below.   

What you can do
is much more than doing.
It's also about (by free will choice)
deciding to become who and what you really are,
and then expressing your own version of
divinity here on Earth.

For the most powerful,
 the most joy-filled
the most helpful, and
 the most effective  way
 to be of service, go to   





 Page Content



Learn About Who and What You Are   

Declare Yourself to Be Free  

Participate in Creating 5d-Light-WorkersUnited       

Grow Some of Your Own Food   


Create or Participate in a Community Garden    

Shift from    Service to Self    to   Service to All     

Jesus   and   New Age Consciousness        

Plant Trees 


Turn Off Your Television    

Realize that Cell Phones Are Microwave Poison  

Become Aware of What You are Putting into Your Body<      

Join us in Creating a Multi-Billion-Dollar Hemp Industry


Support Completely Legalizing Marijuana  

Realize that our Government Is Controlled by Cabal Criminals    

Realize that Most of Humanity Lives in Secret Slavery   

Forgive Everyone, Including Yourself   


Learn How to Feel Good    

Begin Rebuilding Your Self-Image    

Learn to Trust Yourself  

Learn to Llove Yourself<><><>   


Suggest Things We Have Not Yet Discovered

Share This Message with everyone   

More Ways to Help

Check Our Facebook Page 


<><><>   <><><>  

Assist TLC-Life Center   

Estate Property Care Manager  

Send Us a Donation   

Connect us with a Major Donor    


Website Assistance    

Publicity and Outreach      





Learn About Who and What You Are:
Be willing to grow   to change   and to become
      Who and What You are.         








Grow Some of Your Own Food:   
Grow some of your own food.   




Create and/or Participate in a Community Garden:   
Connect with your neighbors.  
Create mini-mutual support teams.  

Creating things like  community gardens
       helps us learn that
       we are all one big family biological entity
       called humanity.  





Service to All   

The most powerful and
the most helpful way to be of service
is by taking responsibility for yourself and
by doing whatever it is
that excites you the most
by doing whatever it is
that brings you your greatest joy.     

Although this sound crazy,
as we examine the evidence, you'll see that
it's actually how the universe functions.   

We have an entire website describing this concept.   
Check it out.    Service to All  


We will begin functioning as a team.
Our focus will become service to all, including ourselves. 
Imagine a world where seven billion people
are all working for the best interest of everybody
including YOU!  

You will have access to anything and everything
you could ever possibly want, need, require or desire.

The truth about what is at the South Pole
will be disclosed to the people. 
This will forever answer
some long-unanswered questions.   

The truth about the nature of reality
will be taught to all.

Humanity will shift:
From secret slavery to total freedom,  
From fear to self confidence, 
From war and destruction to peace and prosperity,  
From fighting  to cooperation,
From-self interest to everybody's best interest, 

I/We could go on adding to this list
or at least another hour, however,
you get the message so I/We will move on.
Let's just skip to the bottom line.  

Actually, I/We are going to take you back
to the place I/We started.   
This is profound beyond profound.  

May I/We introduce you to God.   

Psalms 82:6 <> John 10:34, 35 <> Isaiah 41:23      
John 14:20    and  Luke 17:21  <>


Service to Self  or  Service to All




Jesus   and   New Age Consciousness  

Realize that
The Teachings of Jesus

New Age Consciousness
are both based on
the same Universal Principles.  

Reference One:  
Conscious Christianity  

      <><><>   ><>

Reference Two:  
How the Universe Functions
aka   New Age Consciousness, 
aka   Fifth Dimension Consciousness, 
aka   The Rules of Reality, 
aka   Cosmic Consciousness, 
aka   Universal consciousness,  
aka   What the scientific evidence tells us    




Plant Trees
Humanity Cannot survive without trees.
In the warm climates, such as southern California,
       for shade  Indian laurel, ash
and pine treesare excellent choices. 

We also recommend fruit trees, such as
       avocado, apple, orange, grape fruit, plums and
       what ever fruit trees will grow in your area.  

In southern California, get rid of palm trees. 
They're messy, ugly,  serve no useful purpose.
They're difficult and expensive to deal with once grown.          




Turn Off Your Television: 
Unplug it.  

Turn it on only in cases of community emergency,
      when access to vital information is necessary.  

Television is a Cabal, mass-mind-control tool.   




Realize that Cell Phones Are Microwave Poison:
Minimize the use of anything and
      everything that is wireless. 
      (i.e. radiates microwave energy).  

For example,
Putting a cell phone to your ear
      is like sticking your head into
       a mini-microwave oven.  
      The microwave energy is slowly cooking your brain.   

Do NOT allow smart meters to be installed in your home   




Become Aware of What You Are Putting into or on Your Body   
Much of our food contains toxins and poisons. 
Here are some of the food additives to avoid:  

*   High Fructose Corn Syrup 
*   GMO  
*   Azodicarbonamide  
*   Counterfeit colors:     Red 40,   Blue 1   Blue 2,   Yellow 5,   Yellow 6 
*   Olestra (a fake fat) 
*   Brominated Vegetable oil   
*   Potassium Bromide.   


80% of the food sold in the United States
contains additives that are banned
in other countries<>




Join Us in Creating a Multi-Billion-Dollar Hemp Industry     
Hemp is, by far, the most useful plant on the entire planet.  
It is illegal because when it becomes legal,
      it will replace major pieces
      of the Cabal-owned, existing economy
      with far better, non-polluting, and far less expensive,
      people owned businesses.

It has over 3,000 uses.  
For example, everything made from Fossil fuels (oil)
      can be made with hemp,
      without any major industrial technology.    

Become pro-active in legalizing hemp:    






Support Completely Legalizing Marijuana   
Marijuana is a major key in
      ending Cabal control of our government.  

Seventy percent of all crime will end
      when marijuana is legalized.  

The criminals will be deprived of
      hundreds of billions of dollars each year.  

Marijuana opens the door to
      the non-physical side of reality.  

It breaks huge holes in much of
      Cabal mind-control technology.

Learn the truth about Marijuana:      

Break the Cabal strangle hold on your mind:   





Realize Our Government Is Controlled by Cabal Criminals:  
Our governments as presently organized
       are NOT friends of or working for We-The-People

The people you'll meet in most government offices
       are like you, kind, generous, friendly and helpful,
       but those in the top controlling positions
       are owned and secretly controlled
       by cartels of Cabal, banking, mafia-style criminals.  




Realize That Most of Humanity Lives in Secret Slavery:  
Humanity has been mind manipulated
       by secret societies 
       for thousands of years. 

Realize that most of humanity presently
      lives in  a
mind control prison.  

Most of the prisoners do not yet realize
       that they are in prison because  
       the prison is invisible to the inmates.  

The prison walls are made of lies,
      incredibly sophisticated illusions,
      intentional deceptions,
      secret mind manipulation,
      and thousands of false beliefs.        




Forgive Everyone:    
Forgive everyone including yourself.  
In October 2015, Source/ Creator. God-Goddess
       opened the door to
Fifth Dimension Consciousness, and
     began systematically eliminating the criminal controllers.  

Karma and Karmic debs have all been canceled
       by Source/ Creator, Herself.  

If you intend to become a Fifth Dimension Being,
      you MUST forgive all who have in any way
      offended or damaged you.  

      You must also forgive yourself.  

Think of karma as a contract.  
If you have a strong emotional tie
      to anyone or anything,
      imagine/ see your self
      breaking the connection. 
Imagine tearing up the contract

      and throwing it away.

In your mind, say to the  person,
      I forgive you.  I release you.   I let you go.  
Take a deep breath and as you exhale
      feel the peace that comes with the reslese.

This is your free will choice!  
You are free to forgive everyone,
      (let go of your emotional attachments)  
      or you stay behind
      with the Cabal Criminals and
      ride the old Earth into self destruction.  

Those wise enough to forgive are moving with Sacred Mother Earth
       as she re-births Herself into the completely Lloving,
       high vibration state of being.  

Help and guidance is available at:     




Learn How to Feel Good  
We have a web page specifically focused on
      how to feel good.  

It's called
      Manifesting in Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

Feeling good is an essential ingredient
      in manifesting your intentions. 
      Go there every day and practice feeling good.  




Begin Rebuilding Your Self-Image:    
Your perception of who and what  you are
     has been severely distorted .   

See the page Titled: 
      I Am Connected!    I AM  Llovable!    I Am Enough!   




Learn to Trust Yourself:  
With every thought, word, and action,
we each get a feel-good feeling or  feel-bad feeling
from inside of ourselves.  

Realize our human bodies are "hard wired"
to move away from feel-bad feelings (khold-priki) and
toward feel-good feelings (FahZoom).      

You also have an inner knowing called  intuition.  
This is when you just know.  
You don't know how you know.  
You just know.  

Riding in between these two
is what is called a gut feeling.  

Learn to trust yourself.   




Learn to Llove Yourself:  
You have been falsely programmed to believe
that Lloving yourself is being ungodly and selfish.  

The exact opposite is true. 
How can we say that?  
Because every one of us is
an eternal, non-physical God-Being, and
the primary attribute of God is Llove. 

This is NOT 3d-style,   service-to-self, 
.  I love me. Screw you. 

In order to attract Llove into your life,
you first vibrate as Llove,
Llove of everyone,
Llove of yourself,
Llove of Source/ Creator/ God-goddess.    <><>






    Assisting TLC-Life-Center



Assist Us:      Estate Property Care Manager:  
Here's our  Win-Win Proposal.

We require a physical location out of which
      we can operate our full-service version of our
      Fifth Dimension Cosmic Awareness Training Center.  

There are numerous wealthy individuals
      who are in need of
      a qualified, trustworthy, dependable
      Estate Property Care Manager.  

My wife and I are eminently qualified to fill this need.  
See My qualifications.   

By filling our both our needs
and the needs of other
at the same time everybody wins. 

Contact us: 
                We give you our email address in two separate pieces
                to avoid getting tons of unwanted emails. 

fahzoom@   (and then type)


Send Us a Donation:      

Send Us  a Donation

Why donate to TLC-Life-Center?   

Because, we are not here
to change the current systems
or to change society.  

We are here as part of the team
who will create something so new and so profound
that, to the old, we will be unrecognizable. 

When enough of us wakeup and realize:
that we are God-Beings
that we are cells one gigantic being we called God
that physical reality is a holograph
that we are Great creators,
that our thoughts create our personal reality,
that our collective thoughts create our time line future,

we, will find our selves in vibrating
with the new Earth 
at such a high rate of vibration,
that the third dimension criminals
will simply no longer be able to reach us
or affect us in any way. 

Contact us: 
                We give you our email address in two separate pieces
                to avoid getting tons of unwanted emails. 

fahzoom@   (and then type) 



Connect us with a Major Donor:   
You know people that we don't know,
      people who would like to receive our services
      and or  can afford to support our work. 

Please make these connections for us..  

Contact us: 
                We give you our email address in two separate pieces
                to avoid getting tons of unwanted emails. 

fahzoom@   (and then type)


Website Assistance:  

Technical  Assistance:  
       When computer or Internet related problems arise,
       when existing equipment requires repairs
       when new equipment requires installation and/or
       when programs require updating, 
       we require competent technical assistance. 


Website Design Assistance
       Our website's basic design is in need of updating.  


Editing / Removal of Grammatical Errors:  
       Most people, when they find web pages with errors,
       they assume the page content is not worth reading. 
       Our errors come from four sources: 

1)   I am less than a master typist,  

2)   I'm working under handicapped conditions.
       (not personal, situational)  

3)   Without outside funding, we cannot hire an editor, and  

4)   My Fifth Dimension Conscious 
       is constantly expanding.
       Thing written from old consciousness levels
       are frequently revised to accommodate
       my expanded perspective. 
      Thus, changes are scattered all over the place. 
       These changes get published unedited.  

       Also, pages are revised, added, updated, and changed
       as new information becomes available.  
       Most of these changes are also published unedited   <><>


Publicity and Outreach:   
We require publicity and marketing assistance.  





Suggest Things We Have Not Yet Discovered:  
We are always open to new ideas and suggestion.  
We'd be delighted to hear from you.  Answer these two questions: 

1)  What do you like the most regarding anything about us? 

1)  What do you like the least regarding anything about us?   

Contact us: 
                We give you our email address in two separate pieces
                to avoid getting tons of unwanted emails. 

fahzoom@   (and then type)




Share This Message:      
Pass this message on to your family and friends. 

Send this message to every church
      or other religious organization 
      in your community.   

Send this message to every social organization
      in your community.  

Don't just send the message by email..  
Call them by phone.  
Say, "I am sending you a critically important email message
         that every person in your congregation should hear.
         Please share this with everyone."   




More Ways to Help:  
This page is just the beginning.  
If you are committed to
becoming a fifth Dimension Being, 
find additional suggestions here.      




Check Our Facebook Page:  
Beginning now,
we will regularly post pieces from our websites.      





    Outreach Message



How You can Help

Let us show you several things
you can do to be of service,
to help yourself and others, and
to be part of the solution.  

We'll also show you how to
bring more joy and abundance into your life
by becoming who and what you choose to be. 

<><><>   <><><>







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