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    Open Letter to President
14 Feb 2017   



Open Letter to President Trump    February 14, 2017

RE:  1, 2, 3    Jobs  /  A Financial Windfall  /  Kill the Cabal

Dear Mr. President,

With nothing more than
your guidance and inspiration,
can, with incredible simplicity,
put over $100 billion into the hands
of the American people every month.

We can also show you how to create jobs
for everyone who wants to work
without destroying the environment and
without offending the American people:  

Here are three major and simple ways
to defeat the Cabal Criminals:  

<><><>   <><><>  

1)  One:
Stop fighting the Cabal.  
Instead, lead / guide the people!     

DO NOT work for us.  
Work with us!. 
Get the people on your side. 

We-The-People can defeat the Cabal
with something as simple as
responding to your inspiration.  

                                                        Home Loans Cancelled      Home Loans Cancelled
Mr.  President,
Imagine what would be the result if      
at your next public appearance,
if you followed the example of
the Leader of Planet Rosetta.
Here's what he said to the Rosetta People.  

"I speak now to all 
75 million Rosetta homeowners.
I ask all of you  to immediately
stop making home loan mortgage payments. 

Instead of giving your hard-earned money
to the Cabal Criminal bankers,
in payment on fraudulent loans,
spend that money on your family,
on your home, and on yourself. 
And remember to give a tithe
to a neighbor in need.  

This will provide 75 million homeowners
and their families with an average of
about $2,000 every month.  
Tell Mr. and  Mrs. Homeowner
That $2,000.00 is
It's spendable-money, Every Month.

"That amounts to about a 130 billion dollar economic stimulus
in the Rosetta economy
every month.  
You will start a
that will provide
financial abundance for everyone

Participants in other fraudulent lending businesses
such as student loans and
cancelling the portion of the national debt
owed to the bankers
will soon follow 

Depriving the Cabal banking criminals
of trillions of dollars
will, completely destroy them
and create a huge financial blessing
beyond anything never seen before
in all of human history ."

<><><>   <><><>

2)  Two: 
Simply issue debt-free money
direct from the U.S. Treasury.  
Use the money exclusively
to rebuild the nation's infrastructure.
Watch what will happen to the economy. 

Forget The Gold Fairytale.  
Gold  and silver are completely irrelevant.  
They are part of the Cabal con game delay tactics.

Here's the core problem.  
The Cabal criminals have intentionally removed
the money from the peoples portion of the economy.  
The solution is to put the missing money
back into the system.  

This can be done by issuing debt-free money
from any state or national treasury. 

Contact us.  We'll explain
the Fifth Dimension perspective on money.  

Begin infrastructure re-building with
the most urgent infrastructure project 
in the entire nation.  
Build a storm surge barrier
in the Carquinez Straight near San Francisco. 
To keep
the California Aqueduct
from being shut down
leaving 25 million people
in Central and  Southern California
without their major source of fresh water
for two years,
and thereby triggering
a devastating national depression.

For a detailed description of
this problem and its simple, inexpensive solution, go to:

3)  Three:   
End the absolutely and totally insane
war against marijuana.  
This will be the third major, financial  defeat
for the Cabal criminals.  

Some of the other benefits of MJ legalization include
lower prices, higher product quality, safer product,
less crime, stronger economy, 
greater personal freedom,
kills the black market, increase tax revenue,
ends domestic terrorism by the DEA, and 
marijuana users are harder to mind manipulate.  

Marijuana, is also one of the major tools
in the process of opening humans
into the non-physical world of spirit.  

Marijuana legalization will open the door
to a multi trillion dollar marijuana and hemp industry.  

Need more evidence?  Go to our website:    .

<><><>   <><><>  

4)  Four:
Learn the rules of Earth Plane Reality
You are not in a third dimension war
with physical weapons.  
You are in a Fifth Dimension War
for the control of human consciousness. 

Let us teach you and some of your staff
how the Universe really functions.  
I/We offer a perspective on human life 
that you cannot get
from  millionaires, politicians, military generals
or those near you who are secretly controlled
by Cabal mind manipulation.  

We-The-People Advisory Council
is a think tank for Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

We have over a dozen additional, major ways
that we can collectively shift
from a mind-controlled prison planet
into a world of peace, joy, and abundance
for everyone.       
Contact us.  
I/We await your reply.

Robert Cote' 
Creator and Director of  
We-The-People Advisory Council

<><><>   <><><>

A message to the Cabal supporters:  

Be aware that I/We are under Divine Protection.
If you mess with us,
interfere with our work, or
interfere with our outreach messages,
you are challenging Source/ Creator God-Goddess.
(Not a wise idea!)

If you engage in
violations of any kind
directed at us, directly or indirectly,
or at anyone associated with us,
or at anyone assisting us
spiritually, mentally, physically or financially,
you will personally experience
severe, repercussions. 

Everything you do is being watched. 

When you learn what is at the South Pole,
you'll know what I/We mean.   
Also, be aware that third dimension level weapons
are no match for beings with cosmic consciousness.      








    Matching the President's Email Format   



The white house Email system was
a designed by an agent of the Cabal Criminals.     
Short message only.   
No links,  
No formatting.
No paragraph breaks

I could only get their system to take
tiny piece of my message:  

This makes it very difficult
to get a message to The President.  
To overcome this challenge,
I sent the above email in small pieces
with no formatting.  

In return, I received the common Cabal response
which was to ignore, ignore, ignore.   






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