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The Nature of Humanity      Where Are We?       Why Are We Here

Safety and Security

Making Personal Changes  

Gratitude Appreciation


Location - Where-Will-You-Physical-enter-Be-Located

Language / Words / Wording     

Cleansing on You, For You, Through Me   Ho'oponopono Meditation  

Time-and-Timelines           Time and Timelines   

Alone in the Universe   


Clinton Foundation from the Fifth Dimension Perspective   

Experiment /  Mid-Course Correction / Success   

Integration Time



Why Nothing Has Worked Until Now

Money- Some Ignored Truth about money   





Evil - Give It No Name 

Secrecy Our Leaders Act of Hypocrisy    


Tests to Qualify for Leadership Positions    

Tricked by The TurdS    





R. F. 

  The Nature of Humanity  


Who and What Are We?  
We have two  entire webpages
answering this question in great detail:

Grand Truth  -- Who and What Humans Are  


Why are we here?
We are here for three primary reasons:  
One, we are part of the team
that is here to freeEarth from thousands of years
of slavery of humanity,
and to end the intentional death and destruction of our Earthly environment by the evil ones.  

Two, we are here to expand our own and
our collective human consciousness.  

Three, We are her as part of
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's grand experiment.
Source/ Creator has sent us naked and mindless
(without knowing who and what we are)
into the holographic illusion  we call planet Earth.
Why?   In order to find out what we will do
and what we will create. 

To make The Game  more difficult and more challenging,
Source/  Creator~ has allowed the evil ones to put us in their prison~.

To escape the prison, all we have to do is
remember who and what  we are 
We are God-Beings.   
Once we learn, accept, and practice this truth, e
verything else will fall into place
with the same grace and ease with which
water flows down hill.   




R. F. 

  Safety and Security  


At the level of our third dimension consciousness and
concerning the physical nature of our human bodies,
safety and security are primary issues.   
However, there are two factors
that dramatically reduce our concerns. 

First, when we view safety and security f
rom the Fifth Dimension  perspective,
we realize that we are eternal, non-physical God-Beings
having a human experience.  
We  realize that we are indestructible beings
experiencing the illusion of physicality
in Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's Cosmic Holograph.   

Second, our bodies are designee to rebuild themselves
and to function at the level of perfect health
for as long as we choose to live in them.  
That capacity has been blocked by the evil ones
who have kept  humanity captive
in their invisible prison for thousands of years.  

They did this so that we would not live long enough
to wake up and get wise to the lies and illusions
that have kept humans prisoners for thousands of years.






    Making Personal Changes



In order to make changes
in our external circumstances,
do NOT focus on the external world.  
Do not direct that changes occur in the external world.  
Instead make the changes inside of self.    

The old way:    Creator, It is hereby directed that
                           I have healthy eyes and perfect vision.   

The new way:   Creator, thank you.
                           I now know, understand, feel and expereince
                           healthy eyes and perfect vision. 

Remember, your power is in your knowing.  
The external physical world is a result of
internal thoughts, beliefs, emotions, expectations, etc.  

The physical world, itself, does not hold the power,
unless you give it your power
by mistakenly believing that someone or
something outside of you, such as the government
has power over you.    

Making Personal Changes   Page  Content<>




R. F. 

  Gratitude Appreciation 


Holding an attitude of gratitude
is one of the most powerful ways of
manifesting what you want, need, require and desire.  

Listen to Abraham Hicks describe gratitude





R. F. 



Up until now the physical center has been
wherever I, as Robert Cote',  have been located.  

That is about to change dramatically in two major ways.  

First, with the technology of the Internet,
we have a cyberspace location (existence).  

So, no matter where your body is located, ,
your consciousness can be with us in live cyber gatherings.  

There, we will present  5d consciousness in the form of
5d Cosmic Awareness Training Center.   
Sessions will be recorder and
the best segments aired on the www. 


In terms of physical location, 
Our first choice is in northern California (or someplace better)

The intent is to be in a delightful location,
lots trees, and other natural vegetation,
appropriate populations of other life forms.

We envision three potential, California locations, 
*   Near Sonora area,       
*   In the Lake Tahoe area   and 
*   In Bohemian Grove Estate,
     (Presently Cabal owned and controlled)
      90 miles north of San Francisco.

Question:   Why Bohemian Grove? 
         That place is one of the deepest core centers of evil.  
Find out why  here

Where will your physical




R. F. 

  Your Internal, Emotional Guidance System  

Every one of us constantly receives internal,
emotional guidance from
the invisible portion of the universe

When you feel good (FahZoom), 
you are in alignment with
who and what you really are.

When you feel bad (khold-priki),
you are out of alignment with
who and what you really are.

Bentinho Massaro describes  
the human,  internal emotional guidance system

Feel Good and Accelerate! - Bentinho Massaro       19:11






    Language / Words / Wording



The Universal Law of Attraction tells us that
what we think about, both consciously and
in our automatic mind chatter,
are the building blocks of
our future Earthly experiences.  

We have been programmed to mindlessly create
things, situations and experiences
that suite our controllers and not ourselves.  
Here are some examples:  

<><><>   <><><>  

Physical Health:   
The same principle applies to a physical challenge 
such as commonly know disease,
do NOT give your challenge a name or  a label.   
Do not say I  have _____.  
Do not have endless discussions about the opposite of health.   
Because to do so connects you the the millions of others
who have had similar physical challenges. 
It give a huge boost of energy against your physical health.    

<><><>   <><><>    

Joking / Sarcastic Humor:  
Much of what we label as humor is actually
a destructive, put down, and/or
an attempt to boost one's own low self esteem. 

To put someone down is unconsciously believed to be
a way to feel better about one's self  and to feel superior.  

If you do this, STOP IT!   
It's NOT harmless.   It's NOT funny.   

Remember, every thought your think is an act of creation.    
Every thought you think tells the Universe,
"I want more of this..'   Every though or experience that puts someone down or enjoys another's accidents or mistakes is a message to your creative God-Self saying, "I'd like to experience that." 

Remember,  what you give out is what you get back. 
"As you sew, so shall you reap."   
Your full  Sheiyt.   Your life is full of sheiyt.  

<><><>   <><><>  

Lawful Versus Legal:  
The word lawful is related to Natural Law (God’s Law).   It is used to communicate things of substance.  As for the word legal, it is related to laws created by man and is used to communicate things of form."  

"In simpler terms, something that is lawful is of substance so it is real.   On other hand, something that is legal is of form so it appears to be real.   In other words, the word legal deals with fictional things.   A fictional thing is not real and therefore it is DEAD."   

"One of the ways they secretly tell you that you are playing a role of a dead character is the all caps name.   Hence, the name in all caps on tombstones.   You can find the all caps name on government documents, such as a state-issued ID."     

The above quote is from: 

<><><>   <><><>  

More About Language

Language and Wording   Page  Content






   Ho'oponopono Meditation  
Cleansing on You, For You, Through Me



This technique was successfully used by Dr, Hew Len 
to clear the  negativity out people
considered to be criminally insane. 
The story is told by Joe Vitali..  
See the story at; 
Begin at minute 3:51    <

Dr. Hew Len worked in a hospital
for the criminally insane in Hawaii.  
He cleared the negative energies
in every one of the patients by using this technique.  
The inmates were all cured and release back into society.   

How?   Dr. Hew would read the information files
of the patient and then
by checking his own body,
feel the feeling the came to him from the patient.  

Everything, without exception, that comes up in our life
is caused by our own internal mental programming. 
(repulsed,  scared,   frustrated,   angry,  etc. 

To end the negative experiences, get rid of the programming. 
This is successful when you understand
one of the basic rules of reality,
that, without exception,
we each create our own reality. 

In third dimension consciousness,
there is no understanding of this law, thus, it sounds like,
"I'm bad,   I'm guilty,   I'm not good enough,  
I'm not good enough to get into heaven,
and on and one with more of the same.  
Who want's to take responsibility in that context?.  

In Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
we simply look for the feeling, feel it, and then, release it. 

Regardless of what we we say as part of the release 
the words, themselves, are not the power of cleansing.  
The power is in your own faith, 
in your own emotions, and
in the direction of you mental focus.  

Faith has two parts, 
faith in yourself and
faith in the validity of Source/ Creators' Laws.   
(Some call this faith in God.)

We I have a choice I can go into the emotions and relive them or
we can choose to see from a higher perspective
and let go any sense of wrong doing we feel.


When Dr. Hew cleansed from himself what he felt,
the other person got better.  
The technique is called Ho'oponopono. 
recognition, forgiveness.  

Here are the words Dr. Hew used:
"I am cleansing now,   on you,    for you    through me.  
I Llove you.  
I'm sorry.  
Please forgive me.  
Thank you.

Repeat this until the feeling change. 
I Llove you.  
I'm sorry.  
Please forgive me.  
Thank you.  

As you say the words,
feel the feelings inside of yourself.  


Forgive me:  
Forgive me for being unconscious.  
Forgive me for not knowing,
or not remembering 
that I had this program in me.   

Wait a minute!   Who am I forgiving?  
I am the sum total of everything. 
I put this program into myself. 
I probably did it unconsciously.  

Did I really hurt the other person, or
did I hurt my own, self-created image of
the other person  in my personal  holographic universe.  

With this understanding, I simply let go of
the entire game by declaring that
I understand that  there is nothing to forgive
and nobody to forgive..   

So, when any unwanted stuff shows up,
I feel it.        I notice it.       Allow it to be.   Say:
I Llove you. 
I have learned.   I now know how you served me?
Thank you for serving me.  
I release you back to Source/ Creator.   

Thank you:  
Thank you, Source/Creator, for the cleansing process.  

The New:  
What's going to replace the old stuff?  
Llove. Inspiration, Joy,  Abundance,  Great Sex, 
Truth about who and what you really are.  

<><><>   <><><> 

The technique is similar forgiveness techniques
that were common on the islands
throughout the South Pacific,
including Samoa, Tahiti and New Zealand.   

"If  we can accept that we are the sum total
of all past thoughts, emotions, words, deeds and actions
and that our present lives and choices
are colored or shaded
by this memory bank of the past,
then we begin to see how a process of
correcting or setting aright can change our lives,
our families and our society."     
Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona

This is essentially, the same process t
hat we here just abut everywhere.  
The Larry Crane technique and
the Sedona method are examples of this. 


The Ancestor Factor: 
Here's a factor that is usually overlooked.  
Your subconscious programming includes this lifetime and
also includes, your other life times and
your ancestors going al the way back
to the beginning of existence.  


What would happen if a group of us
were to collectively direct the healing energy
at our so-called, leaders.  

Imagine what the world would be like
if we removed fear and anger from our politicians.   

By using this technique,  the TLC-Life-Center's
Cosmic Awareness Training Center Team

will answer these questions.      <>   <><

Begin at minute 3:51    <>

Cleansing On You, For You, Through Me    Page  Content




C S 18-06-22





What are timelines?.             
Timelines are potential future experiences.       

The word Timeline refers to a journey
in non-physical consciousness. 

Remember, we live, move, and have our being
inside of Source-Creator/ God/ Goddess's
Matrix  (Holograph)  of infinite possibilities.   

It's a vast number of possible futures.
We, as God-Being direct ourselves
(individually and collectively)
by our dominant thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, behaviors

As potentials,
timelines are always in flux,
always changeable.   


Thinking and Feeling Person's Universe

      More on the Law of Thought at:  

       And Still More:   ,-I-turn-my-houghts-to-things


Basic Facts of life:: 
***   There is no such thing as time. 
        Time is an illusion, a projection,
        an agreement that we experience in a holographic reality. 
       Time is an experience   
***   Everything is always here and now.  
***   Everything already exists.  


What each of us is presently experiencing
is a timeline that
we each created by our thoughts, beliefs,
attitudes, words, and actions.   

If we don't like what we are experiencing,
we have to power to create a different timeline
by thinking different thoughts,
by changing out beliefs and attitudes, 
by speaking different words,
and taking different action.  

We omit  (leave out) anything and everything
that that produces khold-priki feelings. 
We focus on our  chosen intentions  and
declare them to be. 

Fifth Dimension Manifesting


Also note that when we, as humans,
see a vision of our desired future,
is not the full vision. 
It actually only an arrow, a road map
pointing the way to experiences
that are joyous beyond
the human mind's capacity to imagine.


There  are personal timelines
and collective timelines.  

Personal Timelines:
Every time we create an intention, such as: 
I'm here now.  I what to be there then."
we create a personal, non-physical timeline.  

It's a potential in consciousness
that we would like to experience physically.  
When we alter our thinking, we alter our timeline.   

When you make a fear statement,
such as I'm afraid my mother will catch me masturbating,
you are putting that fear into a timeline.   

Collective Timelines:  
Our Collective timeline is a combination of
all of our personal belief and behaviors.  
All of us together create
our perception of where the Earth is headed.   

Intentionally shifting to a different timeline
is called a quantum jump 

For an in-depth description of how to change a timeline, go to:

Another Timeline Reference:  
The Gaia Matrix  //   Magenta Pixie:    
Healing a physical body is actually
a change in the persons personal timeline.  
Example:   How Jesus healed~

<><><>   <><><>  
Quantum Jumping  (Shifting timelines) 

<><><>   <><><>
How to use Parallel Realities - Shift into an alternate Universe! 
Bentinho Massaro


Address of this topic:      

Time-and-Timelines      .





   Alone in the Universe   



Are humans the only intelligent beings in the Universe?   
This may have been a  legitimate question
back in that days when information
about cosmology (the nature of the universe)  
was exclusively the property of religious organizations.  

It may have been a legitimate question
before the birth of the Internet.   
In those day such ignorance was excusable, but not today.  

Take a  moment to realize that
there are hundreds of thousands of physical things
created and exsting in physical form right here on Earth
that could not have been created
by humanity as we know ourselves to be.   

Consider the statistical likelihood that we are alone.  
The odds are astronomical pointing to life elsewhere.    

Consider that Ninety five percent of the know universe
(Dark Energy / Dark Matter)
is invisible to our senses and unreachable by our technology.   

Consider the huge leapfrog jump in technology since WWII. 

Consider the  Cabal's  criminal,
Secret Corporate Control System
that has recently been exposed.  
Those in control do
not want humanity to know that life exists
elsewhere in the universe.    Why?  
Because knowledge that intelligent, humanoid,
extraterrestrial life exists
is a serious threat their secret control system.    

Consider  that th0usands  of credible witnesses, such as airplane pilots have reported seeing flying vehicles that defy present human technology.   Most of those people have been forced into silenced by the cabal criminals who control humanity. 

Consider the huge advances in scientific knowledge
regarding biology.  

Consider the huge amount of information
now readily available on the Internet.   

Consider that humans are mind controlled
not to think for them selves and
not to question authority. 
Those in control have been programming humanity
to believe hate we are alone in the universe.   

Consider that perception is a function of
being aware of vibrations.  
If all the known vibrations were stretched f
rom Los Angeles to New york,
the portion we can be perceive with our physical senses
is about half an inch, the width of a dime.   

To believe we are alone in the universe
defies that Universal law of Correspondence.  

In the face of all this and more,
how could anyone possible think
that humans are alone it the universe?     

Alone in the Universe   Page  Content





Safe Contact with Off-Planet Beings  


If a species of intelligent extra terrestrials (ETs)
come to Earth, with evil destructive intentions,
human technology would be no match for them.  

One of the main Laws of War is that   
the side with the most advanced technology    
always wins in a physical confrontation.  

The only way to live safely is   
NOT by building highly advanced weapons of war technology,
but in becoming aware of self as a God- beings, as God.  
The God-power of creation is the ultimate, unbeatable technology.   

Violence is low vibration,
third dimension Consciousness.  
Cosmic Awareness is high vibration,
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.   
5d is knowing one's self to be part of
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess.   
God Consciousness vibrates so fast that
evil cannot even know it exists. 

Thus, your greatest protection is
to know who and what you are<><><>  

Protection by declar
If only a few of us realize who and what we are
our social structure is still be vulnerable.
When  enough of us realize our Godhood,
our society becomes invincible.   

How to End Arguing, Fighting, and Wars    


Safe Contact with Off-Planet Beiongs    Page  Content





Fifth Dimension Perspective on the

Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation Fraud  



Being angry at the Clintons is
the exact wrong response for us to have.   
Here's why:   

When you look at fraud in the
Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation
from third dimension consciousness,
it sounds simple.  
They stole money that was intended to
reduce human suffering.  
That's disgusting.  
It's enough to make us angry. 
For example, in Haiti
the money sent to the Clintons for the people
never reached the people. 
It was redirected into the hands
of their wealthy cronies.   


Now, view their behavior
from the Fifth Dimension perspective,~
a perspective from which we see a much bigger picture.  

Being angry at them harms only ourselves.     

anger feeds the evil ones.  
The off-planet beings
who control the Clintons
and the other Cabal leaders 
live on energy that
radiates from a human body
when the dweller in that body
is experiencing anger or any other
low, feel-bad vibration emotion.~  (khold-priki) 
So, when you get angry, all you are doing
is feeding the evil ones.  

Behind the scenes
(activities not open to public consciousness),
the evil ones have secretly controlled everything,~
on Earth for thousands of years.  


being angry makes you a target
for the low vibration, evil ones
who  live off the energy of those who express anger. 


realize that their actions were not about money. 
Focusing on money is like going to a restaurant
and eating the menu.  

Evil ones do not want more money. 
They already have way more money than
they could ever possibly use. 
They simply did not want the
ordinary people of Hattie to have the money. 

Why?   Because lack of goods and service (i.e. money)
creates, expands, amplifies
pain, anger, grief, hardship, misery and the like. 
The intentional of money deprivation
was done for the creation of negative emotional energy.  
This energy is a form of food~ for those
higher up in the chain of control,
the evil off-planet beings.  

<><><>   <><><>  

You might get the impression
that Bill and Hillary Clinton are inherently evil,
that they want people to suffer.   
They are not inherently evil.  
They have a very severe, mind disease called "evil."
It's unlikely that they personally are capable of
caring about the people in any way.  

Their minds and thus their behavior
is under the control of an off-planet species of beings
that we call the Reptilians ~(i.e. Lizzerdz).  
The Reptilians are sustained (they eat)
low vibration, human  emotional energy. 

<><><>   <><><>  

Here's another serious mental problem
of the super wealthy
that very few people are aware of:     

Making large amounts of money and snorting cocaine
have the same affect upon the human brain.  
Many super wealth are addicted to making money,
similar to how a cocaine addict is addicted to cocaine.  

Making large amounts of money and snorting cocaine
both create a dopamine rush in the human brain. 
Thus, the super wealthy are drug addicts!  
Their drug is making money.  

Add to that the fact that  most of the super wealthy
have psychopathic personalities.  
Their brains are cross wired.  
Most likely, their DNA has be intentionally
altered by the Lizzerdz.
They lack self control.  
They lack compassion.  
They lack empathy.  

To bottom line the Bill and Hillary behavior:
Your ideal response is to send them
Llove, compassion, and forgiveness.   
Release all your emotional responses to them,
without exception! Why?  
Because The universal law of attraction tells us:

Anything you  hold any negative motion about

sticks to you like glue.     

<><><>   <><><>  

Now, let's look at the Lizzerdz.   
If you are familiar with the
Universal Law of Correspondence,
you can see where this is going.   

***  The Cabal, using lies, illusions,
intentional deceptions, and false beliefs 
turned most human into mindless, unconscious slaves.   

***   The off-planet species of beings
that we call the Reptilians (i.e. Lizzerdz) 
used their form of mind control to make the Cabal humans,
like Bill and Hillary Clinton into mindless slaves.  

***   The Lizzerdz, are themselves
the mindless salves of the invisible form of evil
we call A. I.   (artificial intelligence).   

***   There is one more step up in this cycle.  
That higher step is still hidden. 

Fortunately,  Source/ Creator/God-Goddess
has stepped in and, with the cooperation
of all positive-minded beings, including you and me,
She is cleaning up the entire mess.    

Here's how you can do your part.  

<><><>   <><><>  

Here's one more reason why forgiveness and compassion
are the proper responses.  

With full Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
one knows that absolutely anything you could ever
want, need, require or desire is already yours.   

The basic rules of reality are a given: 

Everything Is Part of a Single, Unified Whole     
Humans Are Eternal God-Beings       
We Live in a Holographic Universe   
Humans Are Great Creators  

At that level of consciousness,
one would only come to Earth with the intention of
freeing our fellow divine beings from mindless slavery.  

It is quite possible that Bill and Hillary are both
fellow divine beings who came here
with the original intention of helping  humanity and
got overwhelmed by the evil ones and
ended up being totally and mindlessly evil-serving slaves.  

Are you aware that, millions of other humans
are right now, today, (Nov 2016)
mindlessly serving the evil agenda.  
Well, they are, and you may very well,
unknowingly,  be one of them.      

Perhaps , perhaps not.   
At any rate, as wise Christians say
"God does not my help to punish the unfaithful.   

Blessings Be. . .    
Robert Cote'     

<><><>   <><><>

Update January 2018

Yes, I know the above assessment
completely ignores the satanic rituals
that the Clintons most likely engaged in.  

No matter how disgusting that evil behavior is
the same principles apply regarding our response to it.
To hate or to fight it is to feed.
Yes, such behavior is worse than despicable. 
Our job it to end it as quickly as possible and
to focus on assisting the victims in recovery and
to focus on waking each other up.  

Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
is in charge of dealing with the evil ones. 
He/She has people whose job is to
eliminate the evil ones.
Our job is to wake up ourselves and
to wake up all who are capable of hearing us.
Our job is to remember who and what we are.~

With regard t the future of Bill Clinton,
when Source/ Creator is finished cleaning him up,
I'd like to have him on our team
as we proceed in the awakening of humanity. 

He is/was probably the most skillful con artist
the Earth has ever seen.

In my opinion to throw away his talent in punishment
would be  a gross waste. 
Imagine his talent applied to
waking up humanity into 5d consciousness.


Let me add another twist to this story.  
If you are aware of the universal laws,
particularly the Universal Law of  of Correspondence,~
you'll understand that
what you find in one place

will also be found everywhere else

in one form or another.   

I invite you to become aware that Source/Creator
is the ultimate con artist. 
Human life on Earth is a game in which we
(you and me and everyone else ) are playing.  

Everything is a set up, designed for us
to become more powerful,  more Lloving
and more joy-filled beings.  

Humanity on Earth is leading everyone
in the entirety of the universe
into the next level of Source/Creator's
growth and evolution.  

Remember, we are all God-beings. 
We are all God's children.  

So, quite pissing and moaning about what's wrong.   
Everything that appears to be wrong is
Source/ Creator, the ultimate con artist, 
setting us up to become greater God-Beings. 
Our job is to say thank you. 
To wakeup!~
To become God-Beings in physical form.

Clinton Foundation-  5D Perspective     Page  Content  






    Experiment  /  Mid-Course Correction  /  Success 



In Fifth Dimension Consciousness, success is guaranteed.   
There are still what third dimension people call mistakes.  
In 5D, there are no mistakes and no failures. 
We have learning experiences and midcourse corrections.  

Here's how Thomas Edison,
the most famous inventor of
the 19th and early 20th  century,
used to express it:  

My experiment was not a failure.  
I now know one more thing that does not work.  
I am now one step closer to that which will work.   

In 5D consciousness, We know that
we live in Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
Multi-Dimensional Holographic Universe.   
As God-Beings in Source/ Creator's holograph,
we have God's powers of creation.  
Anything is possible. 
We simply must learn how to play the creation game.       

Experiment / Mid-Course Correction / Success   Page  Content  




R. F. 



From the Pleiadian High Council of Seven:

"Activating a frequency is as easy as modifying your breath.
You know that when you pay attention to your breathing,
 you can shift how deeply, how slowly or quickly you are breathing,
and the same is true of your frequency state.   
If you put your attention on it, with the intention of raising it,
it does not have to be more complicated than modifying your breath.
In fact, you could say that the two go hand-in-hand."

"So, utilize your breath and your ability to consciously breathe
in order to tune yourself to your frequency state,
in order to amplify your frequency state, and
in order to enjoy those higher frequency states
to the greatest extent possible.
And then, it is our recommendation that
you do not look around your world for immediate results.
Instead, continue to enjoy your ability to modify your frequency,
because in doing so you change the way you feel.
And then the reality around you doesn’t have to change
in order for you to feel good."





R. R.

   Why Nothing Has Worked Until Now


Over the years, my perception of
why I'm here on Earth
has grown from this question in 1967,
"There's got to be a better way?"
to the mission statement written below.  

Until recently we could not have succeeded
at mastering self-awareness
no matter what we did for three main reasons:  

, the Cabal criminals and the off-planet beings
that literally own the cabal
were still functioning in in complete secrecy.  

Two, we were almost completely unaware of
how the universe functions
In 1968, the Roman Catholic Church was
the only authority of cosmology.   

Three, the Context was conducive to failure.  
It was not until September /October of 2015,
that Source/ Creator opened the door to success. 

Success was only possible after we learned that
we live in Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
Holographic Universe

WhyNothing Has Worked Unil Now



R. F. 

  Integration Time    
One of the Steps in the Cycles of Life  

Notice how .
The Universal Law of Rhythm
The Universal Law of Polarity <><>
each play a role  in our lives.

The Universal Law of Correspondence    

Thriving on the Ups and Downs of the Spiritual Journey
Bentinho Massaro - YouTube















    Money- Some Ignored Truths About Money



We highly recommend that you stop reading here and listen to
the description of our financial system by David Icke:      

The United States Banking System  
See minute 45 to 57.   

Add taxes to each step in the cost added principle
he describes  and the end costs you pay are even higher.    .

<><><>   <><><>

Contrary to what you've been led to believe,
the super-wealthy do not want more money.  
There  are three main reasons.   

First, they have  absolutely
no personal need whatsoever for more money.  
The could not possibly spend what they already have
in a hundred life times.

Second,  they do no want you to have any money.  
They take the money so you won't have any.  
Money is simply a tool for manipulation, for control
and to steal what wealth they don't already have or Control.   
In our society money is power.  

Third,  When humans live  their lives in scarcity,
at the survival level, 
with little or no money in a social structure
that requires money for survival,
they experience, pain, suffering, anger, sickness, diseases,
early deaths, and all kinds of low vibration negative emotions. 

They are also likely to commit crimes and/or
destroy the environment simply to survive.  

These low vibration energies are food for the the Lizzerdz.  
The Lizzerdz are a species of off-planet beings,
who control the Cabal Criminals
who secretly manipulate and control
the vast majority of humans.   .

Fourth, if you had enough money, you would also
have time to think and question external authority.  
The controllers cznnot allow this.  
Because their power is in their lies
When you learn who and what your really are,
you are no longer controllable.


They almost lost control in the 1960's. 
I was a young adult in that period. 
I had a comfortable four-room apartment,
an easy job,  a nearly new car and
time to enjoy life.
My total income was $200 per month. 
President Kennedy was leading the nation
toward  a "Camelot"-life.  

To stop the momentum, 
They murdered John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, 
Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and
dozens of others we'll never know about. 
They put President Kennedy's Assassin leader,
Lyndon Johnson, in the white house.  
They follow up Johnson with
another Kennedy assassination leader,
Richard (I'm not a crook) Nixon.  

Nixon put the most destructive laws ever devised
into the nation's legal system, his anti drug war

Some Ignored Truths About Money     Page  Content




F.R. 18-03-09





We've been told that Newtonian physics
explains the nature of physical reality.   
Here's the theory:  
         1)   The universe functions like a huge machine,  
         2)   The universe is made out of physical matter,    
         3)   The universe is a single objective reality
                 that we come along and experience,   and  
         4)     In order to change things
                  we must manipulate physical matter

Newton, as brilliant as he was, was wrong.  

Q      Then, what is the physical universe made of?  

The Universe is made out of consciousness
and expresses itself as energy.  

The energy is seen or experienced in terms of
waves, vibrations, electrical impulses,
mathematics, and holograms.   
It just appears to be physical.  

Everything is made up of condensed energy,
including your physical body.  
That same principle is still true today.  
It's knowing who and what you are t
that allows you to have and
use your own power as a conscious creator.  

This power is a part of every one of us.   
It's the innate, integral, absolute Nature of Reality.   
It's who and what you are.  

Both the Christian Bible and the evidence
support the conclusion that
you and I and everyone else are great creators.

Learn More:
Newtonian Physics Gives Us a False View of the World     





F.R. 18-03-09



I've heard many positive comments about humanity
from many different sources.   
I have seen incredible creativity  in many ways
from simple convenience item
to incredibly sophisticated technology.    

Channels like Abraham-Hicks  and Kryon (Lee Carroll)
have repeatedly referred to humanity
as being on the leading edge
of the evolution of the Universe.  

Until recently, I considered my own personal creativity
to be limply information  fromsome unknown source 
spoon-feeding me new ideas
or that creativie project are simply coincidences.

That no longer makes any sense
Here's are several examples of my own creativity:

Robert Cote'  aka Robin FahZoom

Author of
      Adventures into Consciousness~    
Creator of
      5d People to People Connection Services~   

Designer of and First Minister of
      Conscious Christianity~
Originator & First-Designer of
     FahZoom Town~   
Your Way-Shower for 
     Fifth Dimension Coaching, and Consulting~
Visionary-Creative-Designer of
     5d Foundation/Corporation Business Partnership~

Director of training for
      The Lost Secrets  of the Seven Levels of Llove~

I now see exanples human creativity all over the place.

I've heard so many very positive references to humanity
that, in my opinion, these comments must be
much more than empty talk.

As of today , 9-Mar-18,
I'll begin listing tem below.  
Read them and come to y0ur en conclusions.

<><><>   <><><>

You Are the Creators of the Fifth Dimension ∞The 9D Arcturian Council Galactic Connection       





F.R. 18-03-09




Momentum is the power to move consciousness
toward  a particular destination.  

Momentum is a collection of non-physical energy
focused on  a particular target.  
Where consciousness flows,
physical experiences soon follow.

Christmas music is a good example of
a collective energy
moving one consciousness
in the direction of
Joy, Love and God-consciousness
Here's a musical example:

2 hours of Peaceful Classic Christmas Music   
YouTube  1:58:56


It's analogous to the 3d Law of motion:
A body in motion will stay in motion 
until some force interferes with its motion.

A body at rest will to stay at rest
until some force  causes it to move

"The Law of Attraction states that
the more focus, the more attention,
and the greater clarity you give a particular subject
the more powerfully we attract the essence of it into our reality
and the more likely it is to appear in our lives."         


See footer for Internet Address        Momentum





    Evil - Give It No Name  


Evil --  Give It No Name:                                              evil ones

Regarding the characters we call evil beings. 
Never mention their names.   
If you have reason to communicate about them
simple refer to them in generic terms as evil.

We intentionally avoid giving a name to anything
that creates, supports, names, or otherwise identifies
aspects that produce khold-priki (feel-bad) feelings.  
If you have reason to communicate about them
simple refer to them in generic terms as evil.

First, because giving something a name
gives it an existence.   
To mention the specific name of an evil being
is to give evil a personification.   
This acknowledges its existence and
gives power and legitimacy of existence to evil.  

Second, because if you are feeling bad and
if you give your feelings a name,
you attach yourself to the millions of others
who declare themselves to have had what you are naming

In the world of consciousness,
a name has power to amplify
whatever you are naming and experiencing. 
Remember, you are a God-Being and
you are a Great Creator.   

Also remember,
We live in Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
Holographic Universe.  
In a holograph, your thoughts,
words, beliefs, and actions
are powerful acts of creation.  

We avoid giving specific names to evil
not to deny the balance between positive and negative,
not to deny the existence of the challenges
that evil presents to us   
but rather,  
to avoid the excessive third dimension focus on
creating khold-priki causing
situations, conditions, and circumstances.   


If you find yourself becoming sick,
do NOT give a name to your pain.  
If you do, you  attach yourself to
a huge, negative, false, third dimension belief system.  

Instead, ask your body:  "What are you telling me?"  
You'll find a negative thought pattern, (a belief)
which has progressed to the point where it
is being mirrored in your physical body.  

Everything painful is calling for a change.   
Answer the call.  

FahZoom Breath & Release Technique   

Evil --  Give it No Name    Page  Content



R. F. 

  Life is Not What We've Been Led to Believe It Is  


Life is not what we have been led to believe it is
by those who claim to know.   

You and I and everybody else have been 
(and most people still are ) 
making critical, irreversible, life-altering decisions
based on false, incomplete, and/or
intentionally deceptive information.  

We now have the power to change that.   How? 
By seeing a bigger picture of reality.       

Our website,   
opens doors to new opportunities
and to amazing realities
that previously we did not even know
that they existed.   

We also invite you to examine our page titled: 
How the Universe Functions.      








C S 18-07-16

Copy prior to inserting text.   



Make Copies from Here














Life Is Not
What We Have Been Led to Believe








C S 18-07-16

Copy prior to inserting text.   



Life is not what we have been led to believe it is
by those who claim to know.   

You and I and everybody else
have been  (and most people still are ) 
making critical, irreversible, life-altering decisions
based on false, incomplete, and/or
intentionally deceptive information.~  

Because we are now working in teams,
we have the power to change that.  
By seeing and sharing knowledge of
a much bigger picture of reality.   

Humanity is in the process of making a huge jump
from old, obsolete third dimension consciousness~
to the new Fifth Dimension conscousnes.

The easiest and most gentle way to introduce
to our new reality is to invite you to examine
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.

From there, you'll be guided into the world of
Llove, peace, Harmony, and Service to All.

You Are no Longer Alone:
If you would like personal guidance, 
our team is available~ and our
5d People to People Connections services website
can connect you to literally hundreds of others
who will be happy to share their knowledge with you.

Enjoy Your Journey
Blessings Be. . .
Robert Cote'    and  AumFahZoom   




R. F. 


Those who have been expressing evil toward others
are, themselves mind-controlled slaves.   
They are NOT inherently evil. 
they are fellow God-Beings
who have been genetically altered and
turned into mind-control-slaves.

We do not speak of evil with specific names.
We no longer even use the generic term "evil."
Why?   Because it holds huge amounts of fear, anger,
and other  negative connotations.
Instead, we use the word "TurdS.
Why?   Because it pokes fun at them and
it's simply something from which   
we choose to be separate.

When we apply The Universal Law of Correspondence,~ 
to the the TurdS,
we see The Hierarchy of the TurdS.
We see patterns of behavior repeating themselves
in different conditions, situations, and contexts.~

The main species of TurdS
that humans encountered here on Earth
were green, gorilla-body-shaped, cold-blooded, scaly
and incredibly ugly.

These poor bastards,
they got completely tricked into believing
deep, heavy-duty separation
from Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess.

They they became so  completely isolated from
Source/ Creator. God-Goddess
that they began to believe that
they, themselves,
were invincible gods.

They never remembered anything about Llove. 
Instead, in mindless anger,
they strutted around in a strict hierarchical world that was 
up-side-down, inside out, and backwards.

The energy of death, destruction,
pain, and suffering was their food.  
They were so thoroughly genetically altered
and so completely mind controlled  that
they literally ate negative energy as their food

This species of TurdS got tricked
by beings in a higher level of TurdS'
hierarchical, social structure,
They got tricked into giving up everything

Connections to anything and everything
were minimal or absent.
They lived in
The  hierarchical, control structure was strictly enforced

Beings on each level knew only what they  needed to know
      to fulfill their function

Compassion     Absent
Llove      They don't know what it is but hate it anyway.
Creativity         Absent
Imagination    Absent
They  focused on everything that was
the absence of Connections.  

In their lack of God-Power,
they blindly focused on physical,
third dimension, external power of
force, violence, lies, illusion,
mind manipulation, advanced technology  etc.     





C S 18-07-16

The Turds Dimension.   



We offer the information below
for your awareness only.  
The four pages linked to below
describe how the earth has functioned
for your entire lifetime. 

Do NOT focus on the TurdS or their Sheyitt. 
Simple Become aware of the information they provide
 and then, move on.
Fortunately, These TrudS  (evil ones) and those who control them
are in the final stages of being completely removed from Earth..

1)  Deception -- The Ultimate Weapon,   Page Two  The Invisible Prison

2)   Deception - The Ultimate Weapon of War

3)    Criminal-Cabal, Secret Corporate Control System.
3)   Lizzerdz Team Theory













The TurdS Dimension   


We include four pages about how the earth
has functioned for your entire lifetime. 

Do nor focus on them. 
Simple notice them and move on.
Fortunately, The TrudS  and those who control them
are in the final stages of being completely removed.

1)  Deception -- The Ultimate Weapon,   Page Two  The Invisible Prison 

2)   Deception - The Ultimate Weapon of War

3)    Criminal-Cabal, Secret Corporate Control System.    

Lizzerdz Team Theory       










    Secrecy, Our So-Called Leaders Act of Hypocrisy  



Our so-called leaders who are saying they are helping us get rid of those who use secrecy to hid their criminal activities are, themselves, still working in secrecy.   <>    <>    <>    <>

Secrecy - Our so called, New Leaders  Act of Hypocrisy    Page  Content






    Tests to Qualify for Leadership Positions 



What is suggested below  is a transition system.  
When we reach full Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
the system will obviously be re-adjusted to fit the different context  

How do we filter out the unqualified in our social structure leaders? 

Require that all leaders be fully fifth dimension consciousness  beings.  

Require that leaders at any level in any social structure
pass a compassion test.  

Require that the ratio of males to females in charge of any social structure must be between 55% and 65%.

Require all leaders grant open permission to anyone
to subject his or her public statements
to a voice analysis stress test.      

Require everything, all activity be open to public scrutiny.  

Require that all employees pass the compassion test.   

Leaders have power to advice and zero powers to command.  

Leaders are subject to recall at any time.  

I cant' speak for you, but for myself,
here's the kind of people
I DO NOT want in charge of
the peoples social structures:  

***    I do not want leaders  whose whole adult life has been
         in the military social structure,
         a structure of command, authority, and conformity. 

***  I do not want leaders
         who have lived only in a life of the privileged wealthy.  

<><>?<>   <><><>   

Are you aware that when we reach full, 5d consciousness,
We-The-People  will not need leaders.  
There will be project coordinators where required,
but there will NOT be people telling you
what you can do, or cannot do, or must do. 

By free will choice, we will all honor the
Universal Prime Directive:
Thou Shall NOT Violate!        

<Tests to Qualify for leadership     Page  Content





R. F. 

  Footnotes and References  


Answer - Why Bohemian Grove?:  
If you understand The Universal Law of Rhythm,
you'll understand that its depth into evil
gives this location the power to rise to an extreme height 
into godliness and Llove.  

For example,
The location itself is beautiful.  
It has a huge used-to-be-secret underground facility.
It is connected to the used-to-be-secret
underground, high-speed transportation system.   

It's like a swing ready to shift into the opposite side of itself. 
Remember, everything is consciousness and
everything is contained in a holographic reality.

As you probably already know, this large, beautiful
2,700 acre, private redwood forests
is about 90 miles north of  San Francisco.
It's known as the Bohemian Grove.  
On the surface, it is presently owned by a private club.  

Secretly, it's owned and controlled by
the Cabal criminals bankers~.  
These are the same people who have run
the 100-year-old Ponzi Scheme known as the Federal Reserve.~  

These are the same people who are financing
the Weather Manipulation War that is causing the California drought.  

This secret cartel of criminals is no longer a secret.  
They are being deposed and eliminated.  
When that happens,
We The People will own the Bohemian Grove property.  
The facility will be available for many uses.  
It is our stated intention that one of the uses for this property
will be for the headquarters of
at least one of our FahZoom Home projects:
Safe-Haven Rescue, N. CA.  
<><><>   <><><>

This secret cartel of criminals is no longer a secret.   They are being deposed and eliminated.   When that happens, We The People will own the Bohemian Grove property.   The facility will be available for many uses.  

<><><>   <><><>
It is our stated intention of Safe-Haven Rescue, N. CA is that one of the major uses for this property will be related to emergency rescue services.  

Use One:   
We The People of Northern California will need to design a non-government, cooperation system which can coordinate activities in the event of major, area, natural disaster.   We recommend that all the Northern California community, city, and county rescue organizations create a Cooperation and Coordination Center that is located in the Bohemian Grove facility.  

Use Two:  
We The People who are also the creators and directors of Safe-Haven Rescue, N. CA on this day, December 11, 2014, do hereby declare that as soon as the Bohemian Grove property is removed from the control of the Cabal criminal bankers that a portion of said property shall be for the use as headquarters for Safe-Haven Rescue, N. CA.   

There is a huge, no-longer-secret, underground, bunker system at the Bohemian Grove facility.   Without any additional construction, this site can easily be used as a storage facility for non-perishable supplies, rescue equipment, medical equipment, and the like.   

Foofnotes & Referneces   Bohemian Grove




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