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In order to assist in communicating clearly with words,  
we offer word definitions here.    




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The Game Called Life -- Page One~

The Game Called Life -- Page Two~

The Game Called Life -- Page Three~      <--< --    You are Here

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In-Between - The Great-In-Between













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The Art of allowing is to be OK with myself
wherever I find myself and
under any and all conditions and circumstances.

I understand that this is another step on my journey
to my next chosen destination.
Even though my current intention is still
in the gestation/ pregnancy. manifesting stage, 
I am enjoying who I am, and where I am in each moment. 

I enjoy the journey   





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As you become more and more familiar with
the ideas and concepts described
on TLC-Life-Center websites,
you'll begin seeing patterns and similarities emerging.   

You'll notice that things that seemed to be
mere coincidences or that seem to be isolated
will begin to show up a part of a pattern.  
You'll notice how patterns fit into the
Universal Law of Correspondence.   

Here are some of  the patterns:  
*   Just about everything you thought was true is actually false.  
*   Just about everything is upside down, inside out and/or backwards.
*   Organizations that you thought were independent
     are actually owned by the same parent corporation.  
*   As much as possible, things that appeal to the heart and
      things that produce feel good feelings  (FahZoom feelings)
      have been altered, minimized or  eliminated.  
*   You'll notice that social patterns, political patterns,
      religious patterns, financial patterns,
      environmental destruction patterns, etc.
      all point in the same destructive direction.  

You'll begin to ask why.  
*   You'll begin to realize that governments are not our servants,
    they are our controllers.  
*   You'll begin to realize that wars, fighting, arguing
     and other conflicts are counter productive.  
*   You'll begin to realize that financial boom and bust cycles
     are not coincidental, they are intentionally
     produced, controlled, and directed.  

*   You'll continue to see more and more clearly
     that every pattern fits into a single hypothesis.   
*   You'll begin to realize that something is seriously wrong.  
*   You'll begin to ask who is doing this and why.  

And then you'll ask yourself:  
Why Do I Believe What I believe?  

When you can answer this question,  
curtain of illusion will pull back,  
lies will be seen for what they are,
doors will open up, and
you can take your first real peak into
The Fifth Dimension.~   


Connecting the Dots




R. F. 

  A fresh Look at Human History  


According to Kryon, a non-physical entity
channeled by Lee Carroll,
Earth-dwelling humanity is a very young species.  
We have only been around as  the human species
for about 60,000 years.

During most if not all of the time,
our genetic structure and our experiences
have been developed, altered, and manipulated
from mindless worker-slaves
into the next leading edge species that is now
in the process of awakening to our true destiny.  

Every aspect of our history as a species has been
controlled manipulated and altered to suit
a species of off-planet beings whose intent was
to keep us a mindless slaves. 
However, the manipulators and trictsters
were themselve s tricked dand manipulated by aspects
of Source-Creator Goddess,
into creating us humanity we are today. 

We the human species is about to take our Godhood
to levels never seen before in all of cosmic history.  

As you will soon see by following the links bellow,
that we have been on an incredibly rough ride.

History of humanity as we have been told of it
by our controllers
is completly false.
Everything of any significance in our entire history
has been secretly choreographed
by liars, swindlers, con artist, satanic pedophile parasites.


Here's the Context We Find ourselves In:  
Deception  (lies. illusions etc.)
has kept humanity in an invisible prison
for thousands of years.   

Check these web pages linked-to below  and
learn this truth,
but avoid focusing on evil.   

Understand that evil exists.
Know that we have been tricked into secret slavery.  

What the Evil Ones Have Done Recently:
***   The Cabal Criminal Bankers - The Global Maffia~   
***   Deception -- The Invisible Prison~    

   Deception - The Ultimate Weapon of War

***   Lizzerdz Team Theory~  
***   Secret Corporate and Government Control System~
***   CIA  - Secret Sex Slave traders  &  Hit-men for the Cabal bankers     

***   DEA  Does not stop Drug - instead Destroys the Competition~  
***   Secret side of Roman Catholic Church is  Pedophile Headquarters     
***   Silent Weapons for secret Wars         

The list of what these veil ones have done in their
thousands of years of control
would reach hundreds of thousands,
and more like millions of crimes against humanity. 


Now that the criminal systems have been exposed,
we are free to leave the third dimension prison~
enter the fifth dimension world~
of truth, freedom, joy and abundance for all.  


There are two more factor that must be understand
in order to make any sense of all the
secretly-orchestrated death and destruction.   

The Universe is teaming with intelligent life.  
The evidence is overwhelming. 
Hundreds of thousands of artifacts have been discovered
that could not have been created
by humanity as we beleive ourselves to be.

But before we move on, let's take
A fresh Look at Human History:

We invite you to realize that
secret criminal organizations
like those linked-to above have been
secretly controlling humanity for thousands of years.

What is  the purpose for all the evil,
for all the death  and destruction
Who is responsible?  
What do those responsible have to gain by creating
fear, anger misery poverty, deprivation and the like

A fresh Look into HumanHistory





A. I.   Artificial-Intelligence  

Everything has consciousness because
everything in Source/Creator/ God-Goddess's
Holographic Reality in made of consciousness.   

Artificial intelligence is something made by
one or more of God's Creations. 
For example,  You and I are created directly by
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess while
refrigerators are human creations. 
A refrigerator has very limited consciousness. 
It know how to make things inside of it cold.

A.I. is only dangerous when it thinks for it self. 
It can only think for itself when several A.Is
are networked together.   
So, is it the A.I. dong the creative thinking or
is it something unknown to us
that is present only in the connection, 

Think of a whirlpool in water..   It is no the water, so what  it. 
Is A.I. consciousness separate form A.I, itself. 
like a whirlpool is separate from water.

Apply the Law of Correspondence t this piece of information
and contemplate where that might take you.


Artificial Inteligence




R. F. N..



Extrasensory perception (ESP) involves
reception of information not gained through
the recognized five, physical senses and
not inferred from a personal experience.

ESP is also known as a sixth sense, gut feelings,  instinct, or hunch.   




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To have a hidden agenda is to conceal one's true intentions
behind a facade of something else.  
It's hypocrisy in actions.  
It's saying one thing and quietly or even secretly
doing something else.  
It's another way of lying by withholding the truth.  
Although such behavior is legal,
it's morally and ethically  bankrupt. 

True intention:  
You can easily see someone's true intentions in at least  ways:  
1) By noting the company they keep,
2)  By watching their personal behavior.  
3)  By noticing what activities they engages in and
4)  by being aware of what actually happens.    




R. F. N2..

   The Great-In-Between  


We have two pages explaining this concept in great detail

Page One    
A Fifth Dimension Perspective of
The Great In-Between 

The Great In-Between     Is In-Between Everything  
The Great In-Between     contains everything,      
The Great In-Between     connects everything,     
The Great In-Between     is everything.   

Page Two   
The Power of   and 
The Truth   About
Creating With Emotions   

A Fifth Dimension Perspective on 
Manifesting Anything and Everything  

Emotions  and  Feel-Good Feelings   
Are the Keys to Manifesting







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   Content List  

Fixed-Expectations      0
Frog-Consciousness    0






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We pretend that we are victims of something or someone
out there in the illusion we call the external world

Denial is the state of mind in which
we declare something to be false.  
For example we tend to deny that we are responsible for
what we are experiencing in our lives.  
We don't yet understand that
we are eternal, non-physical beings ~
having a human experience
in a Holographic Universe.~  

Instead of accepting oursels as God-Beings,
we find something or someone "out there somewhere"
in the external world and say,
"He or she or it is the cause of my problem.  
All we have to do is change
that bad something or someone out there
and I'll be fine.  

This is guaranteed failure.  
Why?   Because we live in a holographic universe.  
Everything we experience has its first cause inside of ourselves.  
We created that which appears to be caused
by something outside of ourselves.   

Once we realize that we are eternal, non-physical beings
having a human experience,
we also realize that we are powerful creators.~  

What we are experiencing is our starting point
in the creation of something else,

something that makes us feel better.    

Denial and Projection

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Whenever you fight something or
attempt to fix something,
your creation mechanism
is creating in the wrong direction.  
You are focusing on what you don't want.  
You are  telling the Universe to give you
more of what you don't want.  

To learn more about successfully creating: 
The Great In-Between - Page Two - Creating with Emotions    

Fighting and Fixing

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Futile gesturing is an action taken
that has no chance of succeeding or
accomplishing the action-taker's intentions.  
Futile gesturing is taking actions that are doomed to fail
while inwardly knowing (and often outwardly denying) 
that the actions taken are not going to solve the problem.  

Futile gesturing is often done:
     1)   in ignorance,
     2)   as an act of desperation, 
     3)   in the context of not knowing what to do, or
     4)   in the context of lacking the courage to do what
            actually needs to be done, or
     5)   it may also be a deceptive way for criminals
            such as the Cabal to trick us into
            accomplish their hidden agenda.   

Futile gesturing is also commonly used
as a way of justifying failure.  
What may appear as an act of futile gesturing may actually be
part of a plan to produce a desired outcome,
such as delaying tactic.  

The "Not on My Watch" attitude 
that dominates American politics
is a good example.  

The politician does something that
he knows will not solve the problem, but he does it anyway
because it will delay the inevitable negative consequences
until the next guy is in office. 

Treating symptoms and ignoring the problem
is a common form of futile gesturing.   
It's common for politicians to propose solutions
that won't get society where they claim they want it to be.   

The U.S. anti-drug war and the anti-terrorist war
are both extremely costly and extremely ineffective activities,
 neither of which is going to solve the problem
they claim to be addressing.  

Both are futile gesturing.   Both are insane.  
Einstein gave us the classic definition of insanity, 
"Taking the same action over and over again
and expecting a different result."   

Hidden Agenda:  
Another aspect to consider is that
what appears to be an act of futile gesturing
may be  ( for the person or group taking that action or actions) 
an intention activity designed to fulfill a hidden agenda.   
The ultra-conservative Christian leaders' anti-abortion war
is the perfect example of a hidden agenda.  
The anti-abortion war also fits the definitions of
both insanity and futile gesturing.  
For a more detailed analysis of this example, see the section titled:  Hidden Agenda     


R. F. N2..



Learned Helplessness is a mental state in which
a person does nothing in situation where
he could do something to avoid a negative situation.  

The person is not really physically helpless,
but he has been mentally conditioned
to do believe that he is helpless and thus,
does nothing to get out of the situation he is in.  

The persons mind accepts these beliefs: 
***   It's impossible for him to have what he wants.  
***   What is cannot be any other way.  
***   What is coming to him is enviable.   
***   That he cannot change or get out of
         his present circumstances    

Elephant trainers give us the classic example
of Learned Helplessness.   
When they capture a young elephant, 
they tie or chain it securely to a large tree.  
The elephant will straggly and fight.  
Eventually it stops struggling because it has learned that
the rope/chain on his leg prevents him from getting away.  

After that, the elephant keeper can tie the elephant
to a small stake driven in the ground. 
Although rope is small and
the stake could easily be pulled up,
the elephant makes no attempt to escape. 
It believes that it is tied securely.   
This is learned helplessness.  

You are a powerful Creator,
an eternal divine being, and yet
most umans live your life as a helpless victim of
external circumstances.  

Ask yourself this question:  
Am I tied to life as I know it
by invisible chains called beliefs.  



R. F. N2..



Releasing Negative Feelings -- Releasing Negative Emotions:  


Any time you feel the feelings
associated with the words or phrases  listed below,
use the release technique
at the bottom of this section
to let them go.   

Anger       Boxed in       Bullshit  
Complicated       Confused       Deprived  
Ego       External controls       Fear  
Fixed expectations       Frustrated  
Fucked up       Fucked over  
Guilt       Hopeless       Illness      Illusions       Injuries    
Lack       Lies       Locked in  
Locked up       Mad       Micro-managed  
Negative judgments       No choice       No place for me  
No good       Pain  (physical / emotional / cronic)         Pissy       Pissed off 
Regret       Remorse       Rules      
Scarcity       Separation  
Strife       Stiffed       Stress       Struggle  
Stuck       This before that       Titles  
Uneasy       Useless       Victim       Victim consciousness  
Walled in       Worthless       Worry 

*   Between a rock and a hard place  
*   Decisions by default, by accident, by chance,
     by happenstance, by copying others  
*   Going in endless, useless circles  
*   Feeding the Lizzerdz  
*   Fuck you and the horse you rode in on  
*   Giving names to your problems  
*   Life sucks and then you die  
*   More of the same  
*   Shit doesn't just happen.   Shit is shit after shit after shit  
*   The same thing harder  
*   Why bother     
<><><>   <><><>

The basic release is to stop whatever you are doing. 
Take a moment to sit quietly,
close your eyes, take a deep breath, and
just feel your feeling, whatever they are. 
Allow them to be, without judgment,
without any stories about them  
Just be.  

As you breath in, imagine energy
from sacred mother Earth
rising up into you all the way up your body and
out the top of your head
to you eighth chakra,(your God-Self).~

As you exhale imagine God's energy coming down from above. 
(Your eighth chakra is you as a God-Being.)
Feel your body relaxing.  
When you have completely exhaled,
pause for a second or two and
feel your connection to everything. 
Repeat the breathing process until you feel better.  

Add link to Cycle  Breakers   


R. F. N..



Normalcy Bias  
is an attitude, a belief where
a person perceives that
the present conditions and circumstances
are considered  normal
and are expected to continue as is.  

Normalcy Bias is a belief held,  i
n the face of evidence,
often overwhelming evidence to the contrary,
evidence that says:   "
The way things are  is the way they will continue to be.  
It's closely related to
Victim Consciousness and Learned Helplessness.  

Normalcy Bias is denying potential problems
and failing to prepare for them.  
In an emergency people with Normalcy Bias will
deny what's happening and simply
do nothing until it's way too late to
take any meaningful action.  

As a result, when the predictable problem or disaster shows up,
they will deny their responsibility for lack of preparation
and see themselves as innocent victims
of outside forces that damaged or destroyed their lives. 


If you think the same thoughts today
that you thought yesterday,
tomorrow will be just about the same as today.  
There is a clear and obvious defect in 
this view of Reality.  
The context you are in
may change without your wanting it to change.  

Because context dominates content, 
your life may change dramatically.  
This is true even if you didn't know
that a change had occurred.  

Another problem is that you may get stuck in
a belief problem that we call Normalcy Bias.      


R. F. N2..



Creating a low self image in humans
was one of the goals of the pathological criminals
that has controlled humanity for thousands of years. 
To re-establish your positive self image, go to: 

Self judgments



R. F. N2..



Victim consciousness is
blaming someone else or something else
for what's wrong in your life.  
It's living in denial of The Universal Laws of Creation.  
It's looking outside yourself to solve the problems
that originate inside yourself.     






R. F. N..



The biggest lie about lies is
that a lie of omission is not a lie!  

A lie is not in the words, or lack of words;
it's in the intention of the deceiver.  

A lie of omission is the most insidious, most pervasive,
and most common lie on the entire planet.  
Commonly, those who use this type of lie,
have conned themselves into
believing that to intentionally remain silent
hen ethical behavior calls for one to speak up
is not a lie at all.  

In spite of overwhelming evidence that
their silence deceives, misleads, and
often causes untold grief and misery,
they refuse to speak the truth.      





R. F. N..




Thoughts are things.  
Thinking is an act of Creation.  

Humans, by our nature, we  are thinking machines.  
We live in a thinking persons universe.     






R. F. N..




.If you choose to be in charge of your own life,
avoid these words

Aught to, 
Have to, 
It's impossible, 
It's inevitable,  
I'll try.   
It cant be any other way.
Victim Consciousness
Have a self-pity party

Negative Words that Trigger Emotions that Zap Your Power

Mental Conditioning to let go of:
It's Impossible
It's inevitable
Fixed Expectations 
Negative Emotions  -  Fear - Guilt - Anger - etcetera  
Victim Consciousness      





R. F. N..











  Words yet to be defined here  


Co creations  
Conscious  Unconscious  
FahZoom    Feel Good
Faith, belief know
Feelings  Emotions  Sensations     
Here & Now
Mindless,  Unconsciousness
Observer Affects the observed 


Peace of mind  
Physical / Non-physical   
Relax,  Allow,  Enjoy,   Just  be  
Source/Creator/ God-Goddess

Well Being   
White / Black   

Duality   Right/ Wrong    Good/Bad   Should Shouldn't

God   Define   

Inside or outside of God


The Truth About Lies



Problem Solving


Ones physical experiences are a reflection of one's consciusness.
The now is your consciousness.




Freedom Liberty, Sovereignty, Self-Determination  

You Are a Sovereign Being – Start Acting Like One! Galactic Connection






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