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Energy          <>
Parasitism     <><





  Definitions of Terms Used 



5d                Refers to Fifth Dimension Consciousness
3d                Refers to Third Dimension Consciousness      

       Refers to  that which you have already created
                      in the world of Spirit where God lives ,
                      but is not yet manifested
                      in your personal, physical reality. 

Conscious Christianity
       Refers to that branch of Christianity
                      that actually follows the Teachings of Jesus

            Before we can have an intelligent conversation
                       about God, we must first
                       define what we mean by the word God.  

                       The smallest amount of a physical quantity
                       that can exist independently.

Robert Cote'   Cote' is blessed with the ability
                       to communicate with beings
                       in the non-physical portion of reality.  
                       This is commonly referred to as channeling .  








"Energy is a property of objects,
which can be transferred to other objects or converted,
but cannot be created or destroyed.
Literally, everything in the known universe
is energy in some form or another,
whether it’s thoughts, emotions, actions or objects. 

The law of vibration states that all energy in the universe
vibrates at a particular frequency,
therefore it’s in a constant state of motion.

The vibrational frequency directly determines
the form in which the energy will take and
according to the law of attraction,
energy which vibrates at a particular frequency
will attract other energies that vibrate at the same frequency.
The question is, what vibrational frequency is society tuned-in to?"       






n. pl. en·tro·pies     

1. Inevitable and steady deterioration of a system or society.

2.    Symbol  For a closed thermodynamic system, a quantitative measure of the amount of thermal energy not available to do work.   

3. A measure of the disorder or randomness in a closed system.   

4. A measure of the loss of information in a transmitted message. 

5. The tendency for all matter and energy in the universe to evolve toward a state of inert uniformity.  







   Parasitism      Social Parasitic Virus


"Parasitism  is a non-symbiotic relationship between entities,
where one entity benefits at the expense of another.
One example of a parasite is a virus.
A virus is a vibrational energy that infects a system
and self replicates within the living host,
often to the ill-effect or corruption of the system."

Social Parasitic Virus:  
"It seems today, there is a virus lodged
deep within the collective consciousness of humanity
that is actively pulling the masses away from
the natural state of being and
attracting them towards an unnatural vibrational matrix
of a false consciousness illusion
that’s self-replicating towards its own self-destruction.

This virus comes in the form of complete top down control
over the manifestation of the entire energy supply on planet Earth.
This parasitic virus aims to absorb all society’s energy
by trapping it all in an energetic matrix of vibrational illusion
in which all the energy is deceptively filtered
to the top of the pyramid while
little quality energy is reciprocated down in return.
This virus has continued to expand over time
through a self-replicating system of
mass centralization of virtually all aspects of human life."        





   Related References    


<>The Six big lies<><>

The Six Big Lies:  
*1   That
violence solves problems;
*2   That humans (their target victims) are
separate from God, separate from nature, and
     separate from each other.  
*3  The illusion of
Scarcity  --
     There is not enough for everybody.  
     If you are to have, others must do without  
Humans are powerless victims
      of the circumstances they find themselves in.  
*5   The illusion of scarcity is a precursor to
     the Big Lie called
     Money is a third dimension fraudulent construct. 
*6   Spiritualty has been turned into
divisive religions.   







  Clear Vision  


This picture was accompanied by a sales pitch
about obtaining clear  vision

The pitch is about a green smoothie made form fruits and vegetables

What about eye exercises?

Where does stress fit into this?

What about beliefs and expectations?

Free radical damage

super sight     Australian aborigines

Recipe includes a form of spinach
and shelfish
fruits, berries seeds etc.
1=  zeaxanthin         
2 =       lutein


Neutrients found in kangaroo meat

these are antioxidents

Outback vision protocal

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Thank you! – The Outback Vision Protocol – main-ty-611 » SparkHealthMedia

Ch 1  Pg 2       Introduction

Ch 2   Pg 5    How Your Eyes Work

Ch 3   Pg 19   Free Radicals: The Real Cause of Vision Loss

Ch 4  Pg 22    Why Glasses and Contacts Are NOT the Answer

Ch 5    Pg 31   Why Surgery Is Definitely NOT the Answer

Ch 6    Pg 40   What’s the Deal with Eye Exercises

Ch 7    Pg 47   Six Vision Habits You Can Adopt Today

this chapter, you will discover a half-dozen vision habits
that will reduce the mental and physical strain
that could affect your eyesight.
Making these habits second nature
will help keep your vision as clear, sharp and relaxed as it can be

Habit No.1: Blink Regularly
Blinking cleanses and lubricates the eyes.
When there is no tension, your eyes blink
10 - 12 times every minute,
or about once every five seconds.
But people who do not see clearly
tend to stare and unconsciously hold their eyes open.
This causes strain, as well as the feeling of dry and tired eyes.
Consciously remind yourself to blink every five seconds.
Of course, you don’t want to go through the day with a stopwatch,
but the more conscious you are of blinking regularly,
the better it is for your eyes.

Ch 8    Pg 52   Six Vision Habits You Can Adopt Today

Ch 9    Pg 67   The Two Super Nutrients that Can Restore Your Eyesight

Ch 10  Pg 72   The Essential Eight Antioxidants for Eyesight

Ch 11  Pg 95   The 10 Berries That Can Help Save Your Vision

Ch 12  Pg 101   The Toxic Foods to Avoid for Your Eye’s Sake

Ch 13  Pg 106   Your 21 Day Smoothie Protocol

Ch 14  Pg
129   Bringing It All Togethe

Ch 15  Pg 130   References














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