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Sex and The Living Library

of Cosmic Knowledge






  Concept Summary  



Editor's Note
All the Internet, reference links
related to this webpage have been removed
by the Criminals who control the Internet
Originally they were about two hours long,
spoken by Barbara Marciniak and others.   
Here's an example of the sensorship


Planet Earth was intended to be
and is once again, going to become
the Living Library of Cosmic Knowledge.   

The 12-strand DNA
is being reinstalled in our human bodies.  
When this process is completed,
the human emotional power
that comes with heart-centered,
Lloving, caring, compassionate
and passionate sexual sharing
will open the door to the Living Library.  

Accessing the Living Library requires
achieving extended, high states of orgasmic bliss.  
Why?   This is done to prevent agents of evil
from accessing and damaging
the information carried within The Living Library.

Candidates invited to participate with us
will receive intensive training in
how to become
Fifth Dimension Multi-Orgasmic Beings.

Fifth Dimension Multi-Orgasmic is:
*   High Frequency, 

          Repeat as often as you like,
*   Multi-Experiential, 
         Multiple orgasms in a single session,
*   Extended-In-Time,  
          Stay in orgasm for several minutes,
*   Expanded in Intensity,
          Intensity beyond anything you've ever experienced before,
*   Full-Being Orgasmic,   
          Sensations anywhere & everywhere in your body,  

*   Profound Afterglow,    
          The Freshly-Fucked-Feelings lasts for hours. 

Your body, your beliefs, and your sexual practices
are the pathway to the Living Library.    
The strong, basic human emotions
when amplified by the emotional energy of
sensual and sexual sharing will allow humans
to return Earth to it's original intention.  

The difference is that this time, the power of
the combination of
Essassani Essence
Human Essence, and the
conscious and intentional use of the emotions of sex
will exponentially amplify the creative power of humanity.  

We will reach levels of God Consciousness in human form
that are way beyond anything that was
ever even considered as possible before.







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Concept  Summary     

The Living Library       

DNA Activation   







    The Living Library   



Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
original intention for planet Earth
was for Earth to be storehouse of cosmic knowledge,
a storehouse of information that could not be
lost, stolen, misused, or intentionally destroyed.   

The information was and still is stored
in the DNA of all living organisms
including you and me.  
The information can only be accessed
by beings who have a
high-vibration, Lloving consciousness

<><><>   <><><>   

As the evolution of Earth was in process,
beings with the consciousness called evil
discovered the Earth and a war erupted
over who would own the Earth.  
The forces of evil won the war.  
As a result, the evolution of the Living Library
was put on hold.  

The evil ones altered human genetics to suit themselves.  
They removed ten strands from human DNA and
deactivated a significant portion of
the two remaining strands.  

They turned humans into slaves in an invisible prison,-
a prison made of lies, illusions,
intentional deception, mind-manipulation, and false beliefs. 

Evil got so carried away with itself
that Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
has stepped in to clean up the mess.  

The twelve strand DNA is being reinstalled in all humans.


Found  23 May 2020
= Pleiadian Message Explaining Everything = -
YouTube    7:12:12

Found 23 May 2020
The Pleiadian Book - Pleiadian Message Explaining Everything - YouTube   3:04:45

23 May 020
The link below is the censored and partially deleted  reference
to Pleiadian Message Explaining Everything
notice the difference.  Four Videos are simply deleted
and what is offered is all but useless
This is open warfare in the battle
for the control of human consciusness.

Pleiadian Message Explaining Everything - YouTube

YouTube video:
Pleiadian Message Explaining Everything 
Minute  1:4:00     to minute   1:51:00   








DNA  Activation  



Because I am experiencing myself 
as living inside of an Earth-based human body,
I am also inside the
Living Library of Cosmic Consciousness / Awareness.  
The Living Library is inside of me.  
It's also inside of you and in every other sentient life forms.  
Our job is to find it.  

I am a way-shower.  
I am one who shows others
(including you)
how to personally access
The Living Library of Cosmic Knowledge.

This is our human heritage.   
This is the nature of who and what humans really are. 

The 12-strand DNA
is being reinstalled in all aspects of our being,
our etheric bodies, our emotional bodies
our human bodies, etc.  

When this process is completed,
the human emotional power
that comes with heart-centered, Lloving, caring,
compassionate and passionate sexual sharing
will open the door to the Living Library.  

The strong, basic human emotions
when amplified by the emotional energy of
sensual and sexual sharing will take us to
levels of God consciousness in human form
that are way beyond anything that was
ever even considered as possible before. 

Our job is to trust ourselves,
to rely upon ourselves.  
We are the way-showers.   
We see the Light.  

Light is knowledge in visible form. 
Light is sacred geometry.

We understand what we see.  
We translate these grander visions
for those who cannot yet
see the Light for themselves. 

<><><>   <><><>     

Connect to Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess and declare:    
I consciously command, intend, and will
that my DNA is evolved into 12-strands,
that I am now in the process of becoming a
fully functional and fully functioning God-Being.   

I consciously, command, intend, and will that
I am a tool of The Light,
I am a part of The Light, and
I am an expression of The Light.  

I also command, intend, and will that
I know how to pull Light into my body.
I know how to oxygenate my body systems.   
I know how to move through energy accelerations
      with grace and ease, and
I know how to call more ideas and
     more joyous experiences into my beingness
     and into my body.  

This is declared to be so, and, so it is.    

Thank You!

<><><>          CHECK THE LINK BELOW

Pleiadians (Barbara Marciniak) 2016 -How we make happiness  
Check minute  34 to  minute 43   







    How to Access the Living Library  



The following is a transcript of a section of the video: 

Barbara Marciniak -
Earth Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library - FULL.avi   
Beginning at minute 1:46 :00 and going to Minute  1:54:35

In order to set the context for and
to better understand the information written below,
we suggest that you begin listening at minute 0:50:40 
and continue to minute 1:59:00   

For ease of reading, we have in a very few places,
slightly adjusted the wording,
without altering its meaning in any way.

<><><>   <><><>
The Quote.

Open your emotional selves and
employ the vital force of Llove
as the key to evolution.  

The doorway to the Living Library
is in your body.  
It's in your genitals."  

Editor's Note:  Your genitals are your tools.  
Your sexual bliss powers the ship called you and
your imagination is the pilot
taking self anywhere that
you can imagine and choose to imagine. 

"If you learn how to use this doorway,
it serves as an opening into
the records of time

Sexuality aligns your body
into a state of healing and
opens the gateway to the stars.  

Sexuality in a bonded Lloving relationship
can be profound
and take you into other worlds, 
revitalize your body,
realign your body ,and
remind your body of
its most idealized patterns.  

You will peruse the ideal of using sexual expression
to regenerate yourselves 
rather than to allow misuse of sex
to degenerate yourselves.   

Dealing with sexuality involves dealing with hormones.  
Sex excites the very core of your cells.  
The light encoded filaments
become entwined with one another.   
This is similar to how a magnet functions.  
the light encoded filaments align themselves
with each other in the same way. 

When you become sexual, and
do the dance that starts in your hormones,
your whole body aligns up in one direction.  

When you and another individual are lined up,
more like the North and South Poles,
your bodies turn into biological magnets.  

When you and another individual achieve
a heightened state of electromagnetic force 
[sexual excitement] 
you pull on one another and
create a balance with each other.  

When you get really good at this,
you will not even have to touch each other. 
You can create this web of Llove between you and
enjoy this force field, that your inner body arrives and
go into other worlds."   

Editor's note: 
This a mental/emotional orgasm. 

Having personally experience orgasm
in the non-physical world,
I can say from experience that spiritual sexuality
is vey much like two magnets slowly and delightfully
becoming closer and closer to each other
until the power of attraction overwhelms the experience
and the two being feel as if they explode into each other
and experience god-like levels of bliss
that can never be expressed in words.   

"We think that sexuality is one of the most exciting gifts
that you have been given.
We want to guide you further along this journey
so that you can have a better time on Earth.  

Llove yourself and Llove Earth.  
You are one and the same.  
That means every part of your body.  
You need to talk about sex, 
Make a commitment to accept  
every area of your body, and
to draw to yourself, a partner
who will honor every part of your body.  
Know that your partner
will be wanting and be willing to pioneer
this glorious part of your god/ goddess force.   


You inherit the blueprint of every person
with which you have sex.  
You have not only your own stuff to deal with,
but theirs as well.    
When your body comes together with another's,
your chakras are stirred and
your kundalini is moved.  

If your kundalini is only opened into
your lower two chakras,
and it is not a full body infusion,
you can have hooks into
the other person's [energy] field,
and they can have hooks into yours.  
This is why it's very important to be selective
in choosing with whom you will share sex." 

End of transcript 
<><><>   <><><> 

There are ways to cleanse yourself
of these unwanted energies
and ways to cleanse, clear, and release
your energetic connections with others.  

The video describes some of them.  
If you require additional guidance,
contact us.

<><><>   <><><>

Another description of the Living Library can be found at:  






The keys to the treasure known as the Living Library
are hidden inside the heart of
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess.  
Humans, as God-Beings, are the ones who will do the accessing.  

The Living Library is only accessible
by reaching the level of profound bliss, orgasm,
excitement, and Llove.   

sex is an automatic, subconscious force
that dominates and controls
most of human behavior.

To access the Living Library,
those of us who choose to do so
must shift into a high Lloving,
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.   
From there, we consciously use our sexual energy
to reach the point of bliss
where the library content becomes available.    

From that level of consciousness,
we become able to access the content and
share that content with those
who choose to experience what we have to offer.  


Basic needs beyond food, clothing and shelter:  

Llove, companionship, sexual fulfillment,
passion for one's purpose in life.   

When we access the pleasure frequencies,
yours is the face of the Goddess I intend and choose
to be looking at as I approach orgasm.   <><><<>









    Links and References



Sex and the Living Library of Cosmic Knowledge

      Pleiadian Message Explaining Everything
      Watch minute  1:47:00   to  Minute  1:51:00
      Topic:    Fifth Dimension Sex    

Every link to the references listed on this page
have been intentionally taken off line
by those who control the Internet.

The Video below titled
Pleiadian Message Explaining Everything

is not the same video as a linked to above.

= Pleiadian Message Explaining Everything = - YouTube  6:03:11
Lery Aeterna Published on Feb 26, 2019
No reference to the LivingLibrary

Download Pleiadian Message Explaining Everything -   7:33:59
No reference to the LivingLibrary

= Pleiadian Message Explaining Everything = - YouTube  6:45:01
No reference to the Living Library

pleiadian message explaining everything youtube - Results For Video Search Results

Begin at minute 0:00 = Human Evolution
Living Library  30:00
Sexuality     40:00
This video contains some reference to the Living Library.
The sexual aspects are only briefly mentioned.

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incase you haven't yet heard,
the training is about learning how to
reach extended levels of
bliss, joy, and ecstasy
beyond anything humans
have ever experienced before.  

that path is primarily
through tactile experiences in physical bodies
by two God-Being physically expressing
how much they liked and Lloved
themselves and each other.   

And that, my friend, is SEX
taken to the level of actually blending with
another God in physical form.