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Spiritual Connections  






  Concept Summary  


Because we are still in the process of
shifting from the old, the dysfunctional, and the obsolete
to the new, the alive, the exciting,
the joyous, and  Llove-filled lives,
we sometimes find ourselves falling back into the old ways.  

The information here is designed
to bring you back on track.  

Please remember that these tools works
only when you apply it to your life.   








    Page Content



Page Summary - Content Intention         

Message from Prime Creator           

Shifting From Stress to I Am     


The Creation Process     

Personal Example of a Creation Process     ><><>







    Message from Prime Creator  


The Context: 
Humanity has been secretly enslaved by "evil"
for literally thousand of years.   
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess,
(Prime Creator) has finally stepped in
and is eliminating "evil."  

The following information comes to you through
Alexandra Meadows of Galactic Connection.  (24 Dec 2016) 
Because we  offer it to you through our filter
(through our connection to Prime Creator),
the wording is slightly edited
to make it easier for us to understand.  
Do with it as you will.  

Editor's Note:
I exist.  My existence is known as "I Am."

The Message:   
Because I am a God-Being, God expressing
and experiencing Herself in physical form,
I/We declare the following to be true and correct.  

***   I  [I am] hereby choose to work
only with my I Am Self ,
[my version of I Am]  
my Divine-Self, and
Prime Creator

***   I Am  to receive all works and all information
only from the ones I have
consciously chosen to work with: 
my I Am Self ,
[my version of I Am]  
my Divine-Self, and
Prime Creator

***   I  Am( Prime Creator) it is hereby directed
to remove all impersonators,
all imposters, and all shape shifters 
who, at this time, I am  not yet able to discern
who the true being is by their Energy signature.    

Editors Note: 
All sentient  beings,
such as you and me,
have their own
unique vibrational frequency.  

As we become conscious of ourselves
as Eternal God-Beings,
we will have the ability to
immediately recognize and read
the true intention of those with whom we contact.

***   I Am( Prime Creator) it is hereby directed
that I learn and now know how to discern
the true energy signature of

my I Am Self ,
[my version of I Am]  
my Divine-Self, and
Prime Creator

So that I can easily recognize and eliminate
from my version of reality,  
all impersonators,
all imposters, and all shape shifters, and
So that I easily recognize the difference between
true information and false information.  

***   It is further directed that
all resistance to these changes is removed from me
and sent back to Prime Creator.  

***   It is hereby directed that my understanding
of this information is the same as Prime Creator's  

***   I declare this to be so.  And So it is!  Thank you.






    Shifting From  3D  Stress


I Am a 5d, Great Creator



This is a two part process.  
The first part is simply to break a stress cycle and
get back on track with whatever we are doing.   
The second part  is a creation process.  

When you are in mid process of something and
you begin to feel overwhelmed and out of control,
simply stop whatever you are doing.   

Close your eyes,
Shift your eyes slightly as if you were look up. 
Take in a deep breath.  
Pause slightly and then, as you exhale,
allow all your body muscles to relax. 

Breath in again. this time as you exhale,
what the words "let go and relax" mean to you.. 
I feel calm and relaxed 

Take in another deep breath and  this time
become what the words "let go and relax" mean to you. 
I have let go.  I am relaxed.  
Repeat any one or all three of the breathing cycles
until you feel ready to return to what you were doing>

Open your eyes and return to whatever you were doing.  






    The Creation Process



Close your eyes,
Shift your eyes up slightly as if you were look up. 
Take in a deep breath.  
Pause slightly and then, as you exhale,
allow all your body muscles to relax. 

Breath in again. this time as you exhale,
what the words "let go and relax" mean to you.. 
I feel calm and relaxed. 

Take in another deep breath and 
this time as you exhale
become what the words "let go and relax" mean to you. 
I have let go.  I am relaxed.  

Repeat any one or all three of the breathing cycles
until you feel very relaxed.  

Remembering Your Earth / Spirit Connection:  
Bring your consciousness into your Heart Center. 
From there, imagine cords of light, like roots,
reaching down into the Earth and amplifying
your connection to our Earth Mother, Gaia.  

From your heart, imagine cords of light,
like laser  beams, reaching up into
the non-physical / spiritual heavens and
amplifying your connection to
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess

As you breath in, imagine the Earth energy
coming up from the Earth, through our heart,
and rising above you into the heavens.  
As you exhale, imagine the Divine energy
flowing down from the heavens,
through your heart, and down into mother Earth.  

Realize that you are the connecting link
between the world of matter
and the world of Spirit. 

Our intention in the creation process 
is to remember that
We are each both the Creator and the Created.   
Our heart is the essence of sacred mother Earth. 
Our heart is the center of our universe.

You can strengthen this energy flow
with hand and body movements.
For example:  
With the inhale, move you hands as if you were
picking handfuls of feathers,
bringing up through your heart and
releasing them into the air over your head. 
You are actually moving consciousness as vibrating energy 
from the physical expression to the non-physical expression.  

With the exhale, imagine reaching up and
catching a beautiful white cloud and
draw it down through your heart
and into the ground.  

In the non-physical world,
your true form is a beautiful cloud
which you can shift into any physical form you choose.  

In physical form,  in Prime Creator's Holographic Universe,
you are capable of being, doing, doing, having,
expressing and experiencing anything and everything
you could ever want, need, require , or desire.  

When you draw the beautiful white cloud
down to earth ,
you are actually connecting your true self
to your Earthly expression of yourself.        

<><><>   <><><>  

The next step is to
create an image of  something that excites you, 
something that is one of the
imaginary/fantasy  images of your ideal life.  

Place your imaginary self inside of your imaginary experience,
as distinct from being the observer.  

Imagine what your life will look, sound,
taste, smell, and feel like
when your fantasy image
is fully physically manifested.   

The Creation Process>






   Here's a Personal Example



The goal is to generate internal feelings
that vibrate in harmony of an actual physical experience.
such as the internal visualization described below  

Here's one of my personal examples of the creation process:

I'm in our FahZoom Home with two of
our female, fellow participants of
our Cosmic Awareness Training Program.  

We are playing together in our Jacuzzis pool.  
It's late morning on a delightfully pleasant spring day. 

We have each eaten a full dose of marijuana
and done so with the intention
that today's experience will be a profound sacred journey.   

<><><>   <><><>   

A sacred journey is an experience in which
the primary intention is to express ourselves as 
and acknowledge each other
as God-Beings in physical form. 

Our stated intention is to bring
the God-Self portion of each of us
into our physical bodies.
Our stated intention is to maximize
Excitement, Joy, Llove, Passion
with and for each other. 

<><><>   <><><>  

The affect of the marijuana
is becoming quite profound   

We begin to caress each other slowly, gently, and 
with ease, similar in a style to the grace which
one might share and enjoy sipping fine wine
while sharing the day with friends.  
The intent is to enjoy each moment. 
We have no destination other than
to enjoy ourselves and pleasure each other.  

Slowly, our playing becomes more and more erotic. 
Eventually, we are all naked and  taking turns
sensually  and sexually exciting each other.  
while being careful to avoid
triggering an orgasm.  

By alternating between excitement and relaxation,
the joy of each cycles become progressively more profound
until the highs themselves become semi-orgasmic,
still  without triggering the body's orgasmic spasms.  
which would shut off the sexual/sensual excitement. 

<><>   <><><>   

Editor's Note:  
If you practice these cycles of stimulation / relaxation
and bring in conscious breathing,
you will eventually be capable of experiencing,
fully relaxed, full orgasmic experience
in repeated cycles,  or
in a single long extended experience.

You will be capable of directing 
the sensation into any part of your physical form and/
or into your entire form. 

You'll also be capable of repeating
these cosmic-level orgasmic sessions as often as you choose. 

I assure you this is true from personal experience.  
If I can learn to do this, so can you.   







    After Imagining your Vision



After imagining your ideal experience,
the next step is to open your eyes, and say out loud,
"I now allow myself to have, to express, and to experience
the joyous experience that I just described. 
I declare it to be so and so it is.  thank you."   

Then let go. 
Turn it over to Source creator.  
Think about something  else. 
Your job is done.    
Get out of the way and allow prime creator to do her job.    

Remember, you are a God-Self.  
You are God.
By the nature of who and what you are,
you are worthy an deserving of
anything and everything you could ever
want, need, desire, or require.

Do not expect any specific results. 
Stay in the positive sate of joy.   
Act happy.    Be happy.  
Let whatever happens happen. 

When something unexpected happens,
it's Prime Creator taking you where you need to go
in the next moment. 

Go withe the flow. 
Say, what's the blessing, the Buddha gift here? 
If you hold every experience as a blessing
you will experience the joyous side of it.  

If you think of the unexpected experience
as a  problem or a bad thing ,
you will experience the negative aspects of it..

Avoid thinking of  anything negative, doubtful or harmful
to anything and  and anyone including yourself.  

Imagine your creation
from the perspective of
fifth dimension consciousness.  

You have declared it to be. 
It already exists.  
Avoid reacting to anything you see or  that occurs
in the external physical world. 

Repeat your imaginary experience twice each day.      .






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