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The Invitation






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The Invitation  

RE:  Sex,  Money,  and  You


Now that we have your attention,
may we show you 
how to blend sex, money, and you
into one grand life:

Step one is to realize who and what you are.  
You are an Eternal, Non-Physical God-Being.   

Become aware that
the entire Universe is evolving.   
Dramatic, positive changes
are already showing up.   

Human consciousness
is also about to undergo
a dramatic, positive change.
from third dimension consciousness
to Fifth Dimension Consciousness.     

Like all other human beings,
you carry human essence plus _?_ Essence.  
I ( Robert Cote' aka  AhhHoom  FahZoom)
 carry both Essassani Essence 
and Human Essence.  

We invite all fellow truth-seekers
to join our team as we create
the first Earth-plane community
based on: 
***   The Six Basic, Universal Laws,  
***   Fifth Dimension Consciousness,  
***   Essassani Essence, and 
***   Human Essence.   

We are creating one of the prototypes for
the future of humanity. 
Our Core team will consist of about thirty Earth-Humans
who are/will create the prototype for
combined Human Essences and Essassani Essences
in physical form on Earth.    

To learn more, examine our website 

You are invited. 
All who seek
Fifth Dimension Consciousness 
are invited to join us or be affiliated with us.

Our budget for the prototype -
pilot project is $90,000.
The proposed budget for overall
FahZoom Town is $9,000,000.   

Think about what you have to offer in exchange
for being among our first group of trainees.    

Phase One,
Our Cosmic Awareness Training Program 
is presently functioning by personal contact,
by telephone, and through the internet.   

Once phase one has physical home base,
much of the remaining money will be self-earned.

Please let this be known
among those with whom you have connections.  

Blessings Be . . . 
Robert  'Robin'  Cote'   aka   FahZoom One   






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