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The Meaning of Death     
Collective Energies Expanded     








Kryon The black clouds coming 
Channeled 2010     Time = 58:31  

Mercaba  is the field
(the context) surrounding DNA
Mercaba is a Hebrew word meaning
to be contained in,  to ride in.  
It is the multi-dimensional field
that surrounds human DNA    

Mercaba           Mercaba



The Mercaba is a form of God.  
I am a form of God.  Everything is a form of God.

We are becoming conscious partners with our Mercaba
My/ our DNA can be re-programmed? 
As I believe, I become   and so it is.    

I release old beliefs, old behavior patterns
I am  in God.   God is in me.  
I am Pure Consciousness hidden under false beliefs
I release old patterns.   I free myself.

Start with my beliefs.
Examine self. 
What is my personality?  
How do I fit into this bigger picture?  
What makes sense to me? 
Why Do I believe whatever it is that i believe?
Start creating a new belief system

There is apart of my DNA that sees intent to believe. 
It's called the belief layer
It's a tool in my consciousness that helps me understand
what that perception of belief is

Believe that my DNA can be re-programmed
Believe that I can shift myself into  a new human being 

Call upon the DNA in my own body  to enhance the belief 
that my
body can be re-built.   

Simple unravel the false beliefs. 
Release negative thoughts and beliefs       



Meaning of Death 

What Leaving the Body Does NOT Mean
The Meaning of Death

Humans make up stories about
what physical events mean and then
feel feeling based upon the story they made up
about what this or that means. 
They often take action based on self-invented beliefs.  

Instead of basing feeling and action on beliefs,
examine the evidence. 
Here's an example:  

What does the death of the physical body mean.
Look at the varying beliefs. 
What are the possibilities?  
What does the evidence tell us?   

Those no longer here in physical form have simply shifted
into an energy form that you do not yet recognize
Minute 30:50   to   minute 34:25     


Collective Energies Expanded

Collective Energies Expanded   

The power is in the many living as one being
Every partner is still a
completely free-to-choose-anything being. 
He or she gets her greatest joy by being a participant in is or her chosen  collective

FahZoom Town and
FahZoom Home are being built into physical form 
as examples of the many living as one being,
This is why building bridges and
knocking down walls is so powerful, 
much more powerful than divide and conquer. 
Where have you heard this truth:  
United we stand. Divided we fall
<><><>   <><><>

Biblical References  
When two or more (humans) are gathered in my name
I am there also. 
When two or more energies work together
their power is enhanced logarithmically. 

"A similar phrase also appears in the biblical New Testament – translated into English from the historic Greek in Mark 3:25 as
"And if a house be divided against itself,
that house cannot stand"

Similar verses of the New Testament include Matthew 12:25
"And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them,
Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand"

and Luke 11:17 (
"But he, knowing their thoughts, said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and a house divided against a house falleth.")".,_divided_we_fall
<><><>   <><><>
Minute 36:10  to minute 41:20   

<><><>   <><><>
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