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How to enhance your Sensual Delights and bring more pleasure and  joy into your life
through physical touch.    Touch may be    purely sensual,    sexually-sensual,     or    outright orgasmic.       

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What Are CLICs

Caring & Loving Intimacy Connections?



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   What Are Caring & Loving Intimacy Connections?    
The Basic CLI Connection Ground Rules?    

The CLI Connection Intentions?  
Sex Safely  
The Bottom Line  







Obviously expression of Llove
have physical components.  

During our Full-Moon Celebrations of Llove,
some people will choose to be sexually expressive.

By endorsing Ful-Moon Celebrations of Llove,
we are not giving license to
or in any way supporting
or endorsing 3d sex orgies

Fifth Dimension sex has a very different
set of energetic components.  
5d sensual and sexual sharing
are heart-based experiences.   

In 5d sex, there is no struggling for orgasm. 
If orgasm show up, that's fine.  
If it doesn't, that's fine, too.

Our celebrations are mostly about sharing Llove's 
non-physical component,
a component hat is almost totally omitted from 3d sex

If you are intending to make any
out of  the ordinary connections with anybody,
we suggest that you follow
the guidelines included below.     








What Are CLICs

Caring & Loving Intimacy Connections 



Commonly known as CLI Connections  or  CLIC's, 
Caring and Loving Intimacy Connections
are created by two or more people who meet,
for the  purposefully share with each other
the joys of emotional and physical intimacy,
in a safe, open-minded, and loving environment.      

Prior to any physical contact,
each participant agrees to abide by 
a set of rules and conditions that
are designed to assure health and safety
of everyone involved
This page describes the details

By conscious intent, CLI Connection
are completely private,
often profoundly intimate, and
always totally safe for everyone involved.  
Because personal privacy is a key ingredient,
knowledge of the existence of a CLI Connection
is usually limited to only the people directly involved.  

A wide variety of social interactions
can be shared within a CLI Connection setting.  
If the participants so choose,
sharing can include sensual pleasures
and sexual touching of self and others.  

However, because of the potential
diseasee and pregnancy risks
involved in normal sexual intimacy,
both the intermixing of bodily fluids and
sexual intercourse are
excluded from CLI Connections.    

These safety precaution will change
once we reach full 5d consciousness

One of the main purposes of
CLI Connection sharing
is to eliminate and/or transcend
the third  dimension sources of fear

The main fears are STDs 
Unwanted Pregnancy
Social Condemnation

Thus, CLI Connections, offer participants
new, safe, and private ways of human interrelating.  
A whole series of techniques, practices, and guidelines
have evolved to guide people in creating
safe ways to share intimacy with each other.

You can create your own CLI Connection
because both this website and  
The Sensual Delights Books shows you how.  
All it takes is an intention to do so and
the agreement of one other person.  
The basic and most common
CLI Connection intentions and ground rules
are summarized below.    





The Basic CLI Connection Ground Rules 



   All interactions are engaged in by free-will choice and with the mutual consent of all concerned.  

   Each person is responsible for keeping his or her body fluids completely to himself or herself.  

   Everything said or done in the context of CLI Connection sharing remains strictly confidential among the participants.  

   Behavior parameters and restrictions within a CLI Connection session are freely discussed and agreed upon prior to opening the session for sharing.    They are strictly adhered to and cannot be changed once the CLIC session has begun.  




The CLI Connection Intentions 



   To create safe havens for the intimate sharing of emotional and physical vulnerability and the conscious, intimate touching of self and others.  

Feeling safe is absolutely essential for the kind of sharing that usually takes place in a CLI Circle.   Pre-agreed-upon, mutual consent is paramount to every sharing.      

   To elevate sensual and sexual sharing to its rightful status as a spiritual experience; a sacred journey; an active, energetic prayer.   To use the union of sexual ecstasy and spiritual consciousness as is a pathway to God, a pathway to Divine bliss, a pathway to remembering who and what you really are.   Book One - Chapter 24 - Sex as a Spiritual Experience  

   To turn intimacy, personal interrelating, sensuality, and sexuality into art forms.   Book One - Chapter Nine - Art Form   

   To derail the male, goal-oriented game of seduction, conquest, and scoring.   The traditional sex practice of Get it up,  get it in,  and  get it off  and get out  has no place in a CLI Circle.

   To teach men the distinction between orgasm and ejaculation, and to show them how to create orgasmic sensations without expelling semen.  

   To show participants how to maximize intimacy on all levels and how to make both physical and emotional intimacy as experiential, sensual, and pleasurable as possible.  

   To teach both men and women how to separate the internal sexual sensations from the external experiences that inspire the internal sexual excitement.   To teach them how to use these two points of focus to enhance their sexual pleasure.  

   To show participants how to combine spiritual intentions with physical practices and thereby raise their own passion, pleasure, and orgasmic ecstasy to levels that would otherwise be unreachable.    Book One - Chapter 10 - Enhanced Pleasure   

   To use intense joy as a tool to alter consciousness, as a pathway to remembering that we are each Divine Beings having a human experience.  Book One - Chapter ten - Divine Being  




Sex Safely  



unwanted pregnancies!  
sexually transmitted diseases!  
Freedom-squelching, long-term Commitments!    
NO future
hidden agendas! 
That's enjoying Sex/Safely!  

 "Sex/Safely"  is the name we use for
a safe variation of the recreational sex game called
"Friends with Benefits."  
We call our sensual/sexual game
"Sex/Safely" because we've eliminated most of the problems. 
 What's still included is is
Ease of Sexual Fulfillment and
Great Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind
Two huge benefits of CLI Connections are
first,  the ease of finding sexual and sensual fulfillment  and
second, being able to doing so with the peace of mind
knowing that both participants are completely safe.  
This is of particular importance to women
because CLICs provide a context that
prevents them from being coerced into traditional unsafe sex.  




The Bottom Line



Intimacy, Love, caring, and sharing
are the hallmarks of life.  
They are also the hallmarks of
the CLI Connections and CLI Circles.  

CLI Connections and CLI Circles create safe, private settings
where people can freely share their deep personal thoughts
with each other; 
where they can share their sexual fantasies
and safely have orgasmic experiences
with each other without fears of pregnancy
or sexually-transmitted diseases.  

They do so by pre-arranged, mutual consent
in a joyous, loving atmosphere; 
where they can feel completely secure in their physical safety
while openly sharing healthy sensual and sexual activities;
and while postponing their child-creating activities to other times.  

In addition to serving as expanded families,
CLI Circles have turned out to be
the main source of sexual education for many members.  
CLICs are safe places, not only to release sexual tensions,
but also safe places to talk intimately about sex
and other personal issues with others of like mind. 




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