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The Mysti Crystal Collective


Life,  Llove,  &  Joy 
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Essassani  Essence 
Human  Essence






  Concept Summary  


Essassani essence plus human essence
is combining to create the Mysti Crystal Collective.      

By the word "essence," we mean
the basic attributes and characteristics of something.   

Every human being is made up of
a unique combination of attributes and characteristics
that are carried in their geneticist make up, 
in their soul consciousness,
in what they learned in multitudes of lifetimes
in bodies in holographic, physical forms.   

When male and female join in the creation of
a new body for the use of another being,
their creation is a combination of
the two parent's essences, plus the essence of the being who enters the newly created body.  
The same is true for collective co-creations.   

The Universe is teaming with life, 
Each being, each group, each civilization,
has its own collective essence.    

Essassani essence (Misty) and human essence (Crystal)
are co-creating a new way of living and expressing ourselves.  
We are creating a blend of two unique
and different (collective) essences.  

The result is something that has never existed before. 
It's something that neither could ever create alone. 










    Setting the Context   



This page assumes you have at least some basic understanding s
of what is presently occurring on Earth.   

The general public is,
We The People are breaking out of
our  25,000 year old prison of
lies, illusions, intentional deception and false beliefs.  

Humans are beginning to realize:   
***   That the universe is teaming with life,   
***   That we are much more than physical bodies,    
***   That the invisible side of reality real and
          that the physical side is an illusion. 

We are waking up to Fifth Dimension Consciousness.   
We are learning the basic Rules of Reality.  






    About the Essassani Civilization   



Instead of describing the Essassani civilization here,
we refer you to others who already have.  

The Essassani
by Noel Huntley<><>   

<><><>   <><><>
According to the above website,  

Darryl Anka has channeled Bashar,
an Essassani spokesperson, and
produced a complete book,
Blueprint for Change

In checking the Bashar website,
I find no reference to the book.       






  Essassani  Essence  


According to Bashar, channeled by Daryl Anka,    
Essassani Culture is exceptionally spiritually advanced. 
Their culture is based upon
unconditional Llove,
ecstasy,  fun,
following their excitement,
being totally non-judgmental and 
giving validity and equality to the uniqueness
of each individual in their society.  

Pleiadian, Malakai Describes Essassani:  
The Essassani people  are known for
taking things to their positive extremes.
Their essence adds levels of truth, Llove, humor,
delight, joy, and ecstasy that are way beyond
anything humans have ever experienced.  
<><><>   <><><>  






   Human  Essence  



Human essence adds
***   Physical form and structure,  
***   Free will, and
***   Unusually powerful emotions.  

We (humans) have infinite spiritual potential,
the capacity to take
the essence of Source/ Creator
deeper into physical form it has ever been
in all of cosmic history.   

We also have the Spiritual/ Divine Potential
that exceeds most other Galactic civilizations.  








Human and Essassani Essences Combined  



The blending of
Essassani Essence
Earth-Human Essence
is creating

The Mysti Crystal Collective. 

Add these ingredients together:  
***  Free will,  
***   Masterful powers of imagination and creation, 
***   Physical, multi-sensuality (the five senses)     
***   High scientific development,
***   Infinite abundance,  
***   Freedom / Liberty / Sovereignty

***   The Essassani's highly developed spirituality. 
***   The human Spiritual/ Divine Potential

***    The Essassani's  extremely positive  levels of
         Llove, Truth, Humor, Delight, Joy,
         Tactile Sensuality, Tactile Sexuality, and Ecstasy  
          levels that are way beyond
          anything humans have ever experienced.   

***   The ability to experience things, situation, places,
        adventures, and explorations that are
        way beyond our wildest imagination  

When we combine the Spiritual Advancement
that the Essassani already have
with the Spiritual, Divine Potential of humanity,
we will take Spiritual Divine Essence to new levels and also
bring Divinity into physical form at levels never done before.  

Here's what  The Mysti Crystal Collective 
is creating right here on Earth:

Being at Home with God,
while living in physical form
and while experiencing
Divine, Self- Exploration,
Divine Self-Gratification, and
Divine Self-Expression  and
while sharing all this
with fellow, fully-God-Conscious Divine beings
who are also in human, physical bodies. 

Put all this together and what have you got?    

The Mysti Crystal Collective 

This has never been done before in physical form
in all of cosmic history.  

This will alter the entire Universe to a level
that it has never experienced before. 

<><><>   <><><>    

You are invited
All who seek
Fifth Dimension Consciousness 
are invited.






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